fit text around a circle with top aligned to circle



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    Jim Blue wrote: > Here's a bit cut out of a large picture with smoke in the sky. > I can do something carefully with the Clone tool in PSP 9 to > get rid of the smoke, but is there a better/smarter way? > (There's lots more sky to work with.) Where's a bit? Did you try to attach a file to this text-only group? Since you mention lots of good sky, I'd select a piece of that large enough to cover the smoke plus extra around the edges, promote it to a layer, and move the layer over the smoke. Match the lightness of the layer to the background with Histogram Adjustment, then fine tune lightness with the L/D brush, saturation as necessary, and finish with a big soft eraser around the edges to blend with the background. Cloning works too, but is tedious with a large area like this. -- Fred Hiltz, fhiltz at yahoo dot com

fit text around a circle with top aligned to circle

Postby trice-nae » Sat, 16 Dec 2006 13:33:16 GMT

help! I have text fitted to a circle object, but it's with the bottom
of the text hugging the circle and going clockwise around.  I want the
top of the text to hug the bottom of the circle, going
counter-clockwise, if that makes any sense. Can I do this?

I'm using PSP10

Re: fit text around a circle with top aligned to circle

Postby Trev » Sat, 16 Dec 2006 21:47:16 GMT

If I have grasped what you mean this is how. The text is following the path. 
The correct name Being text on a path. Its just that your path is a joined 
at each end to form a circle. if you select the vector shape with the pen 
tool set to edit mode. then right click menu and click the reverse path. 
This will move the text to the bottom but it will be inside the circle. next 
step in the layers pallet expand the vector layers if there not already, and 
right click the text layer pick edit text from the menu.
Looking at the text tool ribbon/toolbar, and find the Offset option it may 
be hidden if so click the right pointing arrow head after line style to 
expend the tool bar.  You will need to put in a negative amount to move the 
text down it will depend on the size of text and circle but start with -20 
If that is not enough increase a bit at a time giving it time to change the 
text position.

Re: fit text around a circle with top aligned to circle

Postby trice-nae » Sun, 17 Dec 2006 12:38:11 GMT


THANK YOU! I'm new at this stuff (obviously), and I had a feeling I had
to do something like what you said, but I just couldn't quite figure it

I followed your instructions and I managed to do it!

Really appreciate the help.


Re: fit text around a circle with top aligned to circle

Postby Trev » Sun, 17 Dec 2006 17:18:59 GMT

We have PSP groups on the corel servers Where we could have added an Image 
to Demonstrate
Add to your list on news servers.
OR click on the groups you want to sub to here

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Thanks Bob, I will try that at some point over the weekend. Again, thank you 
for giving such detailed instructions!


"Bob   Buckland ?:-)" wrote:

> Hi Shelly,
> You can create a donut of text using WordArt
> and place it over your clipart.
> If you switch to
>  news://
> you'll see a small example I've included.
> Start with a blank document -
> A. For your clipart.
> 1. Have a copy of your clipart saved to your hard drive.
> 2. From the drawing toolbar use the Circle autoshape
> and hold down the shift key while sizing the circle to
> keep it symmetrical.
> 3. From the drawing toolbar use the Paint can icon and
> select Fill Effects=>Picture=>[browse] to locate your
> clipart and insert it in the circle shape.
> 4. Using the Picture toolbar use the Text wrapping icon
> and set the circle to 'behind text'.
> B. For your circular text.
> 1. Type your text in WordArt, choosing the font you want
> and setting the type size to 14 fpr now and select from
> the WordArt style gallery the 3rd from the left on the
> top row (Black arch)
> 2. From the WordArt toolbar select the 'WordArtShape'
> icon and choose the donut shape (2nd from the right on
> the 2nd row).  The circle will be 'flat' at this point.
> 3. Switch the zoom (View=>Zoom or from the formatting toolbar)
> to show you the 'full page).
> 4. Grab the bottom sizing handle on the Wordart and pull down
> to have the text 'flip up' to face you.
> 5. Use the top left sizing circle on the WordArt to size it
> 6. Use the Shadow tool on the drawing toolbar to add a small
> shadow to your Wordart.
> 7. Use the settings in the Paintcan (Fill) icon on the drawing
> toolbar to color your text.
> 8. Use the line paintbrush and line size icons to add an outline
> to the letters.
> 9. Use the picture toolbar to set the WordArt to 'In front of text'.
> 10. Drag the WordArt over your circled graphic and size and
> place either one by using the sizing handle (hold alt key down
> when moving sizing for more control over the movements).
> 11. Use the 'Select Objects' (White Arrow) icon on the drawing
> toolbar  to draw a 'lasso' with the tip of the arrow around
> both the picture and the WordArt circle.
> 12. From the drawing toolbar select Draw=>Group to combine
> the WordArt and Drawing.
> 13. Save the file, if you haven't already done so.
> 14. You can now use copy (Ctrl+C) to pick up the graphic,
> switch to the document you want to have it appear in and
> use Ctrl+V to paste it into that document then resize as
> needed.
> Let me know how this works for you.
> ========
>   <<"Michella" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I have a small picture of a ladybird from clipart and I need to make text
> flow around the outside (but quite close to) the edge of the picture. I can't
> work out how to get this to work. Any ideas will be very much appreciated!
> Thanks
> Shelly>>
> -- 
> Bob  Buckland  ?:-)
> MS Office System Products MVP
>   *Courtesy is not expensive and can pay big dividends*

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