Interpolation algorithms of image resizing



  • 1. DLI Image Compression v2.1
    Hello all, A new version of DLI is now available for download. This update has significant compression improvements in both objective measure (up to 10% on MS-SSIM scale) and visually (reduced compression artifacts around edges). More details and comparison results for v2.1 are available on the DLI site. For those interested, the link is Thank you, Dennis
  • 2. Does this problem have a name
    Hello there, please note that this is NOT a homework assignment question. I am trying to solve this problem, and I cannot believe I do not find it already solved in the literature: I must be looking with the wrong keywords in the wrong place, so thanks in advance to all that will take the time to give me an answer. Let P be a set of N points in the 3d euclidean space (x_i,y_i,z_i), and d_ij the distance of point P_i to point P_j for j not equal to i. Let H_P be the distribution (say the histogram) of d_ij. Problem: given a histogram H_P, find a set of points Q (of arbitrary size) such that norm(H_Q-H_P)< eps in some norm. Question: does this problem have a name at all? can somebody point me to the relevant literature/existing software? Thanks again and sorry if the question is so stupid, but I am banging my head on this one for a couple of weeks already trying to find an efficient solution and am still at a loss. -A

Interpolation algorithms of image resizing

Postby crush » Thu, 14 Apr 2011 04:26:16 GMT


I need to do some comparison of those algorithms and Im wondering if 
there are some good books that I should read to know more about it. Can 
You recommend som titles?


Pawe Wooszyn

Re: Interpolation algorithms of image resizing

Postby ngry » Tue, 19 Apr 2011 06:18:50 GMT

> I need to do some comparison of those algorithms and Im wondering if

In Graphics Gems III: Schumacher, Dale A., General Filtered Image

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 I am totally new in image resize algorithm . Please anyone help me to
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I woule appreciate if someone help me asap .


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