• 1. MPEG 1/2 file structure
    Can anyone point me to some article related to the structure of an MPEG 1/2 video file ? There are lots of sources with information of the decompression/compression algorithms, but none provide a clear view of the structure of the bit stream. I have looked into the libmpeg2 source code, but it's too hand optimized and thereby unclear.
  • 2. Are transposed textures slower ?
    Hello, I see some pin-packing algorithms which pack multiple small textures into one larger texture. Some of these algorithms seem to do so by "transposing" some of the small textures which means rotating them 90 degrees to make them fit vertically... like so: (rows and columns swapped) --- transposed: | | | I wonder if transposed textures affect performance ? For example transposing 2d arrays in main memory would definetly have a performance penalty. Do graphics cards have the same performance penalties when accessing textures ? I would think so... since their memory architecture is probably samiliar to main memory ?! So transposing small textures might not be a good idea performance wise ? Bye, Skybuck.


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1.anybody want a 3d model -Audi tt - post a job, 3d tuts, jobs.

i have everything from an audi tt to warships, people, buildings,
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site where you
will be able to buy these models, also tutorials and jobs.

if anybody is interested or would like to exchange/buy models,
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3.Job openings at NVIDIA

I have two job openings in my group at NVIDIA: a full-time rendering
software engineer, and a content development intern.  Both jobs are in
the SF Bay Area.  Feel free to forward/post as appropriate.

Anybody interested should contact me directly (lgritz [at] nvidia [dot]
com) and also CC hr [at] nvidia [dot] com specifically referring to the
req number.  DO NOT reply to my apparent "from" address on this post --
it goes straight to the spam bit bucket.


         -- lg


Senior rendering software engineer (Req 734990)

Seeking senior computer graphics software engineer to work on
algorithm design and software development for NVIDIA's Gelato renderer
and related products.  Gelato is a professional "film-quality"
rendering and lighting software product designed for animation, visual
effects, CAD, and similar applications, and is distinctive in that it
is significantly accelerated by GPU technology.

- Fluency in C++ and experience developing large graphics software
- Experience developing rendering, lighting, or other CG production
  and technologies.
- Strong communication and group development skills on a small, dynamic
- OpenGL, Cg, or GPU programming.
- B.S. in computer science (M.S. or more preferred but not required).

- Experience using high-end rendering or animation software (such as
  Gelato, RenderMan, Maya, 3dsMax, etc.) or programming scripts or
  for such systems.
- Experience in production (e.g., modeling, shaders, lighting, etc.)
  for markets such as visual effects, animation, CAD, architecture,
- UI design, Linux/Windows cross-platform development expertise.


Intern: 3D Modeling/Texturing Artist (Req 742016)

Seeking highly motivated part- or full-time PAID intern for spring
2006 to create beautiful and complex images and short animations using
Gelato, our high-end film-quality renderer.  Absolutely critical is
expertise in Maya with modeling and texturing.  Please send demo reels
or sample images, preferably ones where you have done the majority of
the work.  (Note: do not send original materials, we will not return
them.)  You'd be free to use images/animations you make for us in your
demo reel or porfolio.

- Make example scenes and short animations using Gelato.
- Prepare demos, short tutorials, benchmarks.
- Provide feedback on current and future features of our software from
  the point of view of an artist/user.

- Fluency in Maya.
- Ability to quickly model complex scenes, including texture

- A good eye for lighting and composition.
- Some character modeling and animation experience.
- Experience with other modelers (e.g., 3d Studio Max, ZBrush, Modo)
  or other rendering systems (e.g. RenderMan, Mental Ray, Brazil, VRay).

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5.Q: job in image processing?

First, let me apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for posting
this message.

I was wondering if someone could suggest a good place (newsgroup, website)
to find Ph.D.-level R&D positions in the Boston area for medical imaging and
image processing in general.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
  Jeffrey Tsao, Ph.D
    Institute for Biomedical Engineering
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

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