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  • 1. Autocad drawing embedding on Page Maker document
    Hi everyone! I'm going to create a spare parts catalog with PM 7; the drawings are generated with Autocad 2002 and i'd like to embed the drawings into the PM7 document. Placing the drawings with the "Place" function lead to rasterize the drawings and will generate an heavy PM7 file (100Mb and more). I seen other dox where the autocad files was placed with the OLE object embedding. I did some test but: 1. The autocad drawing is placed with white border and there is no way to cut them away! How can I place exactly what I want? The white border overlap all the object on the PM7 dox and the drawing seem to be exactly the representation of the screen! 2. The placed object seem to be "dark" and the indication and other object placed in master pages are overlapped; this doesn't happen when i place Excel files, embedded as OLE object! Some ideas about? Thanx everyone! Francesco
  • 2. Looking for a book artist/designer
    Hi, I'm looking to find someone to do book design and illustrations for a small press I am involved in. Please contact me at this e-mail address.
  • 3. Difficulty upgrading from PM 5.0 to PM 7.0
    I just bought a new computer with Windows XP. To celebrate, I bought the upgrade to PM 7.0, which, I soon discovered from reading the box, will not install unless a version of 4.0 or later is on the computer. So, I tried to install my floppies of PM 5.0 onto the new computer only to get a message saying that the config.sys file could not be found. And the install process stopped. Does XP not include a config.sys file? Is a config.sys file really necessary to install PM 5.0 so I can then upgrade to PM 7.0? Any help on how to surmount this obstacle and proceed with the installation would be much appreciated. - Sid [To reply by e-mail, remove "his" from the e-mail address.]
  • 4. InDesign - Text
    WIN XP InDesign 3 I am new to InDesign 3 coming from PageMaker 7 How do I type text inside a rectangle? The text is not visible above background color. Can I change the color of the text? Yellow letters on blue box Thanks: Pokey

Re: Pagemaker to Quark question

Postby Jay Chevako » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 01:52:36 GMT

I used that a few years ago, but given the current price gouging at Quark, I
doubt they are still offering it.

Re: Pagemaker to Quark question

Postby Peggy » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 03:59:29 GMT

Greetings --

Cross-platform upgrade offers come and go. The place to look for special
offers is on the website of the product you want to purchase - in this case,
you would look at Often, you can get really good deals: PM to
Indesign, for example, or Illustrator to CorelDraw. AFAIK, you don't have to
give up your orignal license to do this.


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