Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium Plus Dreamweaver 8 ??



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Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium Plus Dreamweaver 8 ??

Postby Davoud » Fri, 24 Nov 2006 15:52:25 GMT

I believe it was September when I received an invitation from Adobe to
order this update for Macintosh in advance. I did so. Recently I
received an e-mail from Adobe that said that the update had been
released and that provided a download URL.

I logged in and noted that the order number shown on the download page
properly matched the order number that I received from Adobe. I then
downloaded the product.

Upon running the installer I entered my CS2 SN and the installer said
it couldn't find Adobe CS on my machine. Of course it couldn't; I have
CS2, and that's what I thought I was updating. Anyway, the installer
says that's OK, just enter your previous (CS) serial number as well. I
did that and the installer proceeded. But when it got to the list of
software to install, it was all grayed out because I already have it
all. There was no Dreamweaver 8, and all the other products were
versions I already have.

Did I miss something here!?



usenet *at* davidillig dawt com

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