Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended



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Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby CAN » Thu, 03 Jan 2008 03:35:27 GMT

Hello all.I was wonderind if any of you can give the authorization
code for Photoshop CS3 Extended(Mac OS X).I've the serial and it
working well but i stuck with the activation.

Please, i urgently need it.

Re: Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby CJ » Thu, 03 Jan 2008 04:01:42 GMT


Any combination, any length, you pick.


Re: Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby CAN » Fri, 04 Jan 2008 03:06:24 GMT

Do you want the serial or the activation number?

Re: Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby Bream Rockmetteller » Sat, 05 Jan 2008 16:07:52 GMT

On 2008-01-01 10:35:27 -0800, CAN < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > said:

Activation is simple!

If you have an internet connection, simply select the "Help" menu then 
select "Activate..."

If you don't have an internet connection, selecting as suggested above 
will display a dialog box that will lead you to a 365-day, 24-hour 
automated phone number where you'll punch in your serial number and the 
'bot will give you an activation number.

If you don't have an internet connection or a touch-tone-capable phone, 
then, you're out of luck.

But, seeing that you've asked the question here, I would think that the 
easy route would be your method of choice!

Good luck,

Bream Rockmetteller
Donaldson's Dog Joy

Re: Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby CAN » Mon, 07 Jan 2008 00:27:40 GMT

I failed; just like it happened with the generators i've used
before.Somehow the system knows that the serial you're using is fake.

There must be an other way.

Re: Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby » Mon, 07 Jan 2008 02:14:29 GMT

Push over some pop dispensers, steal the quarters, repeat until you have 
enough to buy Photoshop. Theft is theft.

Re: Authorization code for PS CS3 Extended

Postby nomail » Mon, 07 Jan 2008 02:21:20 GMT

There is. Pay for it.

Johan W. Elzenga           johan<<at>>
Editor / Photographer      http://www.**--****.com/ 

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