Brushes & CS4



  • 1. How to unlink Layers and History??
    Is it just me or does it drive you crazy also when Photoshop changes the layer selected when you go back to a step in the history? I can see why they would want to link the layer selected to the history state but I'd prefer it unlinked since it makes fixing mistakes much easier. Anybody know how to turn this off?
  • 2. PSE4
    Hi, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 (PSE4) came out recently for Windows users. There is no update for Mac users from PSE3 yet. This is an excellent update and really needed to replace the "clunky" PSE3 Windows program. It offers many new features and is well worth the price. One of the things I dislike about the old Windows PSE3 program is the Editor/Organizer feature which can confuse handling picture files. The Mac version (without this Organizer feature) is much cleaner and easier to use. Mac users with PSE3 already have iPhoto 5, which offers more than adequate features for handling picture files. Windows PSE4 has melded features from the Mac's iPhoto 5 as well as from Adobe's CS2 Bridge program. This makes for a very powerful graphics editing program for home users. Adobe has a winner in PSE4 for Windows users. Visit the Adobe sitge to download a trial copy of Windows PSE4. Best, Conrad

Brushes & CS4

Postby Dave » Tue, 06 Oct 2009 03:22:38 GMT

For some or another reason the PS Brushes I used on older versions
seem not to be compatible with CS4. Are there a way to convert it
or should I  simply download new brushes? And if I have to get a new
version, any suggestions where to find compatible brushes?
'brushes for CS4' on a search machine does not seem to deliver 
what I am looking for.

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1.Silly me, looking for a "brush-like" brush

I toyed with a demo of Illustrator at one point that had reeeeally neat "water-color" and 
"calligraphy" type brushes (or what I presumed to be termed "brushes")

I'm searching zillions of rather incredible freeware PSP brush sites, have learned to import 
and create a few of my own, but durn if I can find one that simulates the smoothness of 
that illustrator brush, if I coudl find anything deemed a paint brush. The obvious search 
terms give me way to many non-pertinent results.

Seeing how elaborate brushes can be this has become like looking for needle in 
haystack...can anyone point me to a site that would have simple old "paint brush tip" 
brushes? I'm not overwhelmed with the default ones in PSP, was hoping there was one 
that simulated the illustrator version. I presently own PSP7, but even if it were just the 
image of the brush stroke and angles, I could probably do the import etc.

TIA for any ideas -- corq

2.Clone brush and other brushes stop working

Tony Karp wrote:
> ... After several strokes the brush stops working. The strokes
> still show up in the history window, but nothing changes on
> the image I'm working on. If I select another brush and then
> select the clone brush again, it starts working again, but
> just for a few strokes...

One thing that can causes this is a brush variance parameter set to 
Fade Out. View the Brush Variance palette and set all the parameters 
to Normal.

Less likely, but worth checking, is the presence of a selection that 
you cannot see. Next time it happens, try Selections > Select None. 
While you are on that menu, if Hide Marquee is checked, click it to 
make the marquee visible.
Fred Hiltz,  fhiltz at yahoo dot com 

3.HELP WTD: Changing size of brush when using Clone Brush

Hi all

What an amazing package PSP is I am overwhelmed with it's capabilities.
It will take me years to find my way aorund it.
I am trying to paint over text on a picture and think clone brush is
the correct one to use.
How can I make my clone brush smaller as at present it is far too big.
Many thanks

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I am having two problems.

1)  After a while tool tips stop appearing.  The only way I can
get them back is to exit CS4 and restart.

2)  When painting the end of a stroke is visible while holding down
the mouse, but disappears when releasing the mouse button.  There is
a white square apprx the size of the brush being used.  The final part
of the change reappears when painting another stroke elsewhere, or after

Any clues on either problem?

This is on Win XP with all updates.


Andrew Hall
(Now reading Usenet in

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