MediaStudio Pro 6.5 will not save most MP3 files even though it will open them



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MediaStudio Pro 6.5 will not save most MP3 files even though it will open them

Postby Scuzzie » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 17:15:00 GMT

I am editing some MP3 files with MSP 6.5 and find that with most of 
them, I get the message 'Cannot save this file format. . .

I can't seem to find any value in the file properties or 
the 'fraction' after the 'filename.mp3' in the blue 'title bar' that 
differentiates which files will save & which won't.

Is there a fix for this.

many thanks

Would any one have a good MP#/WAV/WMA editor/converter & could they
post it here if they do?

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