convert multipage tif image into seperate files


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convert multipage tif image into seperate files

Postby VG9tIEY » Wed, 12 Jan 2005 09:33:02 GMT

I am looking to scan a large amout of documents. I believe I will end up with 
a bunch of documents that contain 30-50 pages. They will come from the 
scanner as  large tif files. I would like to break them up into a tif file 
for each page. I'm pretty good with VB and would like to use it to automate 
this task if possible. I looked on google and can't find anything. I'm sure 
it's out there but I think I'm not picking good key words. Can someone give 
me a hint on that?


RE: convert multipage tif image into seperate files

Postby VG9tIEY » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 06:37:01 GMT

I figured it out. It isn't very elegent though. I basically open the tif 
using the MODICtl that is available if you have office 2003 installed. Then I 
systemitacally delete every image on the page except for one and then save 
that as that page#.tif. In case you hadn't figured it out, all the pages I've 
scanned have the page # listed on the bottom. That makes them be the last 
word on the document. Below is a snippet of code that may be useful to 

Set miDoc = New MODICtl.Document
 Dim breakUp, m, n, pre, post
 numberofPagesButton = True
 For n = 0 To numberofPages - 1
     miDoc.Create "C:\01.tif"
          For pre = 0 To n - 1
          miDoc.Images.Remove miDoc.Images(0)
          Next pre
          numberofPages = miDoc.Images.Count
          For post = 1 To numberofPages - 1
          miDoc.Images.Remove miDoc.Images(1)
          Next post
          ' miLayout.NumWords  miLayout.Words(0).Text
        Set miLayout = miDoc.Images(0).Layout
        miDoc.SaveAs "C:\" & miLayout.Words(miLayout.NumWords - 1).Text & 

    Next n
Set miDoc = Nothing

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Tif file, the compression should be JPEG medium compression with the
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Thank you very much. 

Irene S.

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