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    Hi, I just found out that permissions for directory /opt/sfm are "drw-r--r--". For a normal user "ll /opt/sfm" produces strange output, while root can list the directory without problems. Anyway, these permissions look very odd for a directory. The directory seems to belong to SFM-CORE,r=C.02.00.04 (HP-UX System Fault Management) Regards, Ulrich
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    When a HPUX system that we have reaches 60 users, no more people can telnet. The guy administering the system changed some kernal parameters, and it just changes the message that we get. Now the message says "telnetd: /dev/pts/t9 no such file or directory" Does this mean that we don't have enough pseudo terminal device files? Do I need to run insf to create the missing files? If so, could I screw things up by running this? Thanks in advance.

tcl/tk hp-ux 11

Postby RAFIDISON Jean-Philippe » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 18:19:23 GMT

I have downloaded the depot version of Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 for HP-UX 11, and the
following doesn't work well:

say file test.tcl contain the following:
    frame .fr
    pack .fr
    set id [exec emb.tcl -use [winfo id .fr] &]

and emb.tcl contain the following:
    button .bt -text "OK" -command exit

this seem to work time to time (1 on 10) on HP-UX 11.
It is actually a big problem as this is used in our simulation supervision
HP-UX 10.20.
We need to migrate to HP_UX 11, and this block us for testing our

If somebody have any idee please let me know.

Re: tcl/tk hp-ux 11

Postby Volker Hetzer » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:49:23 GMT

Maybe you could ask in comp.lang.tcl?


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