LUN design and implementation



  • 1. older hp drives
    Does anyone have any older hp 9GB, 18GB or 36GB drives for sale for the HP 9000 series servers. If you do please email me at kenny @ selectcomputer .net Thanks Kenny
  • 2. LVM Problems - HP UX 10.10 10.20 11.00
    To LVM & HP UX Gurus I'm not an Unix administrator so my questions may appear to be ridiculous ... to some experts. However, I do have a serious problem with 2 external disks. The 2 disks were connected to a C160 HP UX 10.20. As the C160 fails on memory problems and was very instable, I do have connected these 2 disks on a C360 HP UX 11.00. Using SAM, the disks were mounted automatically in VxFS, but I can't see any data on them ! Back on the C160, one disk has been mounted. It is seen, but no data on it ! The second disk has not yet been mounted as I do not want to do the same mistake. The volume groups were removed on the C160 so any actions like : mkdir, mknode, vgimport, vgchange, vgcgcbacup, ... fail as the needed information (I suppose) has been removed when removing the VG. I'm afraid than this is now a very serious problem (and not obvious at all, for me at least). I do have a backup on 2 "old" disks that were mounted on a HP 735 HP UX 10.10 (probably not in LVM). Can I recover the data from the 2 "new" disks (connected on the C160) ? If not on the C360 under HP UX, with special software ? Can I connect the disks on a PC with the hope to see the data and then to ftp them back ? How can I mounted the 2 (old) disks (from the HP 735) ? Thanks a lot for any help. :+) Best regards Marc Delporte
  • 3. mc/serviceguard cluster fails once
    Hi there, What about if by mistake the hpguy who configure my company's hp ux itanium2 with hp11v2 (11.23) use the same network lan to be the first heart beat card. Is too bad? We are moving some networks links these days, and we had on friday, by1 hour a very high broadcast storm, and the main lan switch went down.. and, the cluster fail. When I noticed the oracle db was down, I do the normal things, I connect first to the primary node, the cluster was up and running, but was no package running, I start the package and fail, because the lvol by FC was mount on the secondary node, I shutdown the package (just in case), umount the lvol, and restart the package. I want to notice first i'm newbie on hpux, I was choosed to this job to keep an eye on the machines, currently i work only in linux, so this is my first time with a 'real' unix. Where I can start looking? I check the cluster conf and I noticed the heartbeat thing on the lan connected to the switch. from /etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig.ascii NODE_NAME fns1 NETWORK_INTERFACE lan5 #Mylan HEARTBEAT_IP #My lan connected to the net/clients NETWORK_INTERFACE lan1 NETWORK_INTERFACE lan4 HEARTBEAT_IP NETWORK_INTERFACE lan8 HEARTBEAT_IP ### The lan5, should be STATIONARY_IP ? What happen if any heartbeat fail? send a 'are_you_there' ping using the next heartbeat ? Sorry for this big post. varo.
  • 4. More version madness
    A few months ago I had written to one of the HP-UX groups asking about the latest versions of HP-UX and aC++ for PA-RISC. The reply was that aC++ A.03.55 would be out in March, and v3 was delayed until late 2004 at the earliest. Now I go over HP's web site and the release notes pages talk of A.03.55, but the compiler pages don't. The new pages on the HP-UX versions no longer present TCOE as one of the operating environments available, and for the first time in years HP-UX 11i v1 doesn't seem to have a quarterly release (for March 2004 - I'm basing this on the lack of release notes.) It gives the illusion that HP-UX on PA-RISC is dying quickly. Has the PA-RISC release cycle stopped? Is TCOE really gone? Is this simply a sign that HP is really botching an imminent v3 release? -Steve

Re: LUN design and implementation

Postby kevin bale » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 22:00:58 GMT


Sounds like a consulting service that someone has tacked on to the quote. It
can be worthwhile the first time you get some new equipment but it is
usually rather expensive, as you noted.

If you don't want it make sure your tell your purchasing section not to
order it.

Re: LUN design and implementation

Postby Alan Johnson » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 11:09:13 GMT

Knowing the way HP has been working lately it is probably "Installation 
Services" for actually plugging the disks in to the array, not really 
doing anything as far as setting up the LUN's or VG's. As long as the CE 
can plug them in and see the disks through hardware then they have 
"installed" the disks.

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