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  • 1. HP Pavilion 752w audio drivers
    Does anyone have any idea of how I can get XP audio drivers for my HP 752w? I have no HP supplied software and windows XP Pro does not have the drivers. I didn't find them on the HP website.
  • 2. PSC1210 and 1210V
    On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 11:15:35 -0400, Stan Brown < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: >Wal-mart sells the V, and as far as I can see on Google nobody else >does. I was unable to find any side-by-side comparison. > >Are these in fact the same printer, or if not how do they differ? Do >any software or other goodies come with one and not the other? > >This would be my first inkjet as well as my first scanner. I don't >have any really demanding requirements, other than printing an >occasional business-size envelope. > >(followups set to comp.sys.hp.hardware) I have the 1210xi, they should be the same hardware, I think only the software will be different. One thing to check is if it has a USB or parallel port connection. That's the only difference that I know or. Jeff
  • 3. HP 6545C
    Can anyone tell me where the recovery disks can be found? My friend lost one of his disks. HP told him they don't have any. Can anyone help? TIA
  • 4. market for used hard drives
    is there any market for used hard drives of an old 4+ year old pc, an hp pavilion 6730?
  • 5. Cant change memory in BIOS Of 4535
    Anyone know why I can't access the memory of my BIOS's first page in my Pavilion 4535? (I cant find a BIOS update from the 4.06 Rev 1.03, - dated 1999, - anywhere but) I can't scroll down below the IDE area where it recognises the drives or CD-ROMs to the first slot or change the second slot (which shows empty) to reflect the fact that I put another 64 meg DIMM in it. (I did check that it was the same 100 MHz memory as the one in the first slot) As I remember it, it seemed to count 128 meg the first time I booted up and worked much faster: Then I installed Systemworks. Now only 64 Meg of the RAM gets read. And the HP splash screen hangs there for not c. five seconds but OVER a minute for no apparent reason.Possibly these two points are linked? I can't suspect my memory died immediately after I put it in there? "Brothers and Sisters have I none "But that man's father is my father's Son"

XS International HP Hardware Liquidation - Usenet HP Listing.zip (0/1)

Postby Jay Willis » Sat, 08 Jan 2005 06:44:33 GMT

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