hp proliant DL580 G3 -illegal opcode


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hp proliant DL580 G3 -illegal opcode

Postby steven acer » Thu, 18 Oct 2007 19:03:41 GMT

i got a new hp proliant G3 P38 server with 4xAMD64 proc and 18Gb of
BIOS is v2006.08.08 ( latest ), smart array controller 6i.
i tried to install linux redhat 4 U4 x86_64 and it crashed spitting a
red screen on reboot - the installation was successful as far as i
red screen says :

illegal opcode
EAX=00007CFE            EBX=00007C00
ECX=00000007            EDX=00000180
EBP=0000FBFA            ESI=000007BE            EDI=00000800
DS=0000                 ES=0000
FS=0000                 GS=0004
CS:EIP=0000:0000835A            SS:ESP=1000:0000B000

i can't think of anything other than BIOS update or storage controller
update, and these are actually up to date.
HP support guys weren't of so much help, so if anyone anything that
could help and i really mean anything
suggestions,guidance,thoughts... it would really save my day or better
to say my week since it's been 3 days i'm battling with the issue !

Re: hp proliant DL580 G3 -illegal opcode

Postby jorgjeff » Sun, 10 Feb 2008 03:29:03 GMT

steven acer;357068 Wrote: 


Did you ever find a resolution to the illegal opcode red screen error?
One of our servers got the same error recently after our last patch
cycle in January. I opened an HP case, and they only came back with
update BIOS and controller firmware.

Thanks for any help.

Re: hp proliant DL580 G3 -illegal opcode

Postby jponza » Sat, 23 Feb 2008 08:53:36 GMT

Hey, hope this helps because I just had to register to post this :P

I had the same thing occur tonight... which freaked me out a bit.

I managed to fix the problem though (this was on a HP Proliant DL385

It seems like it arises from the server trying to boot from its HDD -
and when it looks to the address where the bootable code should be (i.e.
grub/initrd whatevr). And it gets something which isn't bootable - so it
replies 'illegal opcode' and hangs. 

So I booted into Ubuntu using a 7.04 live CD (taking note to use a
64bit one), and from there I used grub to regenerate an appropriate

grub> device (hd0) /dev/cciss/c0d0
grub> root(hd0)
grub> setup ( hd0,0)

Once that was done the server stopped ecountering the 'illegal opcodes'
which were the result of it looking at the corrupted MBR/whatever, and
seeing something other than a properly configured bootable image.

So then instead of getting a red-screen of death, I got the grub menu.

Sorry I wrote this the other night and then fell asleep at my desk
before hitting send.

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