Deskjet 1220c - Printing a Rich Black?



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Deskjet 1220c - Printing a Rich Black?

Postby J » Thu, 19 May 2005 03:16:51 GMT

I'm printing graphics from a Deskjet 1220c. The colours in the image are 
greys and black, the image format is RGB.

I previously printed the image and the black areas in it were a rich, dark 

Now when I print it, both from Illustrator and from Photoshop, the black 
comes out  as about a 90% bluish grey. I have tried various combinations of 
profiles, intents, making the file greyscale format, CMYK etc. I just can't 
seem to get it printing a true black again.

The black in the Illustrator version of the image is currently:

c 95
m 83
y 82
k 90

I think this should make a dark black? I conclude that the ink combination 
is changing when its on the way to the printer.

On my last print attempt, these were the settings:

document colour mode: RGB
Illustrator colour settings: europe general purpose defaults
print space: same as source

The black was still bluish grey.

Please help! I've been on this for days...



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