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    Can anyone tell me what I might try to solve a 'paper jam' error message on the console? the paper doesn't actually jam, it just feeds in halfway and then stops. It appears as if the top roller is not turning when the paper starts through, although that roller does spin at startup when the printer goes through the self-check. I'm self-empolyed and can't afford any of the options offered by HP. I'll probably just have to go out and buy a cheaper printer to replace this one, so if I'm going to trash it anyway, I might as well try to fix it myself before throwing it out. The thing is only 13 months old and has been used considerable below the duty cycle.
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    I'm trying to install just the scanner driver for the 1210. I do not want to install the whole s/w package just the driver. I was able to install just the print driver & scanner driver before but I don't remember how I did. Thanks in advance, Jeff
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    I am running WM2003 and cannot correct to a CDMA network correctly. It sort of gets 1/2 way there in that the number is dialed but doesnt work. (Dialing #777) The phone I am using is a Nokia 6585. The dial string I am using is +crm=1;+cs0=33. I have looked for any upgrade on the HP site but dont see any. Thanks

pavilion 8260

Postby Pete » Mon, 01 Dec 2003 02:08:59 GMT

I was running win2k with little trouble on a Pavilion 8260.  Recently, I
thought I'd try a clean install of XP.  When I power up, the system does a
memory check which I can't disable.  After that completes, the system
appears to be idle (no drive activity) for another 30 seconds or so after
which, the hard drive finally kicks in and XP boots up.  Also, yesterday, at
bootup I got an error instructing me to backup my data because a "hard drive
failure is predicted".   Am I asking too much of this system to run XP?

20g Quantum Fireball hard drive
256mb ram
266mhz PII
on board video and sound.


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Re: pavilion 8260

Postby 3putt » Mon, 01 Dec 2003 03:03:34 GMT

A 266mhz system will not perform well with XP.  Did you check the minimum
system requirements for XP?  I think not.
And I would suspect that your onboard video in less than the minimum as


Re: pavilion 8260

Postby craigm » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 02:17:46 GMT


Sounds like the system is timing out on a IDE device. Make sure all your
jumpers for IDE devices are correct.

(It may be waiting for a second drive that isn't there.)

Re: pavilion 8260

Postby Pete » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 12:39:55 GMT

Thanks, I'll check it out.


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