HP Compaq Evo D510 SFF - Problems using Acronis True Image Server


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HP Compaq Evo D510 SFF - Problems using Acronis True Image Server

Postby ***JB » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 21:03:14 GMT

I recently acquired an HP Compaq Evo D510 with the following specification :
P4 2.4Ghz, 1Gb DDR Ram & 40Gb HDD.

I always use Acronis True Image Server to restore my Partition images that
I've previously backed up, one for the c: (windows xp pro) and the other is
e: (applications).

For some strange reason when I activate the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager
it no longer allows me to boot windows - all it does is display a black

Has anyone used Acronis True Image Server with this machine? (or similar hp
compaq) If so, did you have the same problems, and how did you get around
this. As I really need to restore my system using my disk images created
using Acronis True Image Server.


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