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  • 1. No printing online
    Pentium III 733, Windows98SE, IE 6, Printer: HP Deskjet 970 Cxi, Netgear PCI Adapter FA311, ADSL Modem Alcatel Speed Touch 510 ADSL works fine, and the printer also works fine when not printing online. But when we are online and try to print a page from a website, the printer starts printing maybe up to one page and then the whole system crashes/reboots without any warning. After the reboot there is information that there's something in the printer's waiting line. Decision either to cancel or to print in RAW. The crash also happens, when we are online and try to print something from Word or Word Pad. We have already installed the latest driver for the hp deskjet 970 Cxi, but that didn't help. And as I said the printer works fine when we are not online. And Norton 2005 says there are no viruses. Appreciate any information, thanx Peter Sch.
  • 2. hp 4255 warm telephone handset
    Hello, On my new 4255 all-in-one the area under the handset is quite warm - when you pick it up its warm on the ear. The handset is not the problem its the dark grey area under the handset. Anyone else with a similar problem? Thanks LM
  • 3. Deskjet 1220c - Printing a Rich Black?
    I'm printing graphics from a Deskjet 1220c. The colours in the image are greys and black, the image format is RGB. I previously printed the image and the black areas in it were a rich, dark black. Now when I print it, both from Illustrator and from Photoshop, the black comes out as about a 90% bluish grey. I have tried various combinations of profiles, intents, making the file greyscale format, CMYK etc. I just can't seem to get it printing a true black again. The black in the Illustrator version of the image is currently: c 95 m 83 y 82 k 90 I think this should make a dark black? I conclude that the ink combination is changing when its on the way to the printer. On my last print attempt, these were the settings: document colour mode: RGB Illustrator colour settings: europe general purpose defaults print space: same as source The black was still bluish grey. Please help! I've been on this for days... TY J
  • 4. Deskjet 1220c : Printing Super A3 size / Print Quality
    Hi I have an A3 graphic which i am printing on the super A3 (nobi - 13x19") sized paper. When I print using the official HP software, it doesn't look as bold and crisp as when I print via the minidriver that winXP installs when it finds the printer. I enabled "photo mode" in the minidriver (2400x1200dpi), i think this was what makes the colours look better. However, when I use the minidriver, it stops the print 14" down the page every time, therefore cutting off the bottom of the image. This is with the super A3 setting for the paper. I want the rich, bold colours of the minidriver but with the full image printed! Any ideas? Perhaps a way to enable the better print mode from the standard drivers? Or a way to stop the minidriver cutting off the bottom of the image? TY J
  • 5. Cmos battery, blank screen
    Hi, I've changed my CMOS battery on the motherboard. But I forgot to write down the CMOS settings. Now It gives me a blank screen, nothing at all even the logo. What can I do now to bring it back to work. Thanks in advance Jerry

The Devil Went Down to Palo Alto

Postby trevorhughdavis » Mon, 18 Oct 2004 07:10:27 GMT


Thanks for the good will, but this takes more than a message to "Carly

I wonder who actually reads those messages...where does it go if it's
a customer complaint?  Not to Carly.  She's too busy{*filter*} with her
good friend Dubya somewhere.  Like she could give a shit about my $800

I'm not some loon who put his notebook in the dishwasher.   HP sent me
{*filter*}computers that broke through normal use.

When I asked them to fix it, they gave me the runaround.  If you want
to know how, go to Rodent Regatta:

It's not my story, but it might as well be.  The poor man who wrote it
has obviously cracked as a result of HP "customer care."  You see,
there is more at stake than my $800 notebook.

I'm looking for ways to bypass the obvious channels into the dark
heart of hp.  I want to know where the devil and his senior vice
demons work, and I want their private office lines and emails.

Can't someone help a playa out?



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3.clock going down after renew motherboard

On my laptom HP dv9230 was replaced at first motherboard. Then i was
find clock all the time going down. After i was repleced the cmos
battery. And nothing change. When i switched off and on laptop nothing
change. Time was same like before switched power off.
do you know what kind of problem i have?

4.HP Pavilion zv5000 monitor goes dark or has white stripes running down

my HP pavilion zv5000 is only 1 and a half years old, windows XP, AMD
Athlon, 15.4" WXGA, 64MB NVIDIA.    all of a sudden, while i was on,
doing nothing in particular, the screen displays white strips, then
goes dark.  monitor is still on and lighted, background is dark blue.
computer still responds, but i do a hard shut down and try to restart,
and monitor still the same (on, dark blue).  i also notice that the
usual closing of the cover no longer sends it into hibernate, as i have
set it to always do.

the following day, i hooked it up to an external monitor, but still
same dark blue.  then i move it around a little, and the screen comes
back in a lower resolution and kinda warped, with thin white strips all
over and moving down the screen, like the matrix effect (external
monitor shows the same in the meantime).  i took this chance to backup
my files, and the the computer seemed to respond regularly, and towards
the end the screen actually came back to normal.  i then rebooted, it
seemed to be fine, but 2 minutes later, it went dark again.

do i have options other than sending it back to HP for $300?

5.hp compaq nx9005 won't go into boot on lan in powered down mode

I have a hp nx9005 laptop which should be able to go into wake-on-lan
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mode in the bios.

I am missing something, or are hp being naughty with the claims for
this product?



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