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Postby Larry Barnes » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 03:46:18 GMT

Sad but true.  I served on AZRUG, Arizona's user group during it's last two
years.  I was chairman when we put an a successful conference in Tempe.
AZRUG hadn't sponsored a conference for several years prior to this one, and
it was the last one.  The following year AZRUG shut down due to lack of
interest.  :(

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I have been told that there is a meeting on 14th August 2003 of the
company's (HPCUA's) creditors with a view to the company being placed
into creditors' voluntary liquidation.

I had no idea that the company was in such a bad way but it doesn't
bode well for other HP User groups if this is any indicator of the
current health of such groups in various countries. Perhaps it's only
the UK one that is in trouble. Still, the HPCUA was first and foremost
an HP3000 oriented User Group and I suppose that it is only to be
expected that the group would decline as the EOL date got closer.

It's another sad day for HP3000 users in the UK as the HPCUA has
always done its best to host worthwhile events and to provide access
to HP3000 resources in the UK.

Much thanks should go to the staff and special thanks should go to
Peter Bradley (General Manager and Editor) and Peter Brearley
(Publication Sales) in particular, who have worked so hard for so long
to make HPCUA a successful User Group.

I'm afraid it's a sign of the times.


John Dunlop

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