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Grobs on HP39G

Postby chris_morris » Sat, 18 Oct 2003 07:00:40 GMT

I am new to Grobs for my HP39G.  Using XNVIEW to create a .gro from a
.jpg, and then GRS64 to create the Aplet from that; how do I (first?)
reduce the ~80K jpg (ex camera) down to 131x64 pixels?
                 many thanks,

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Hi all,

I tried to get some hp48 grobs from the website to work on
my 49g+.

As I'm loading them (using conn4x) I get a warning message: "C:\hp
calculator\file.gro is a .gro file and does not match the ccalculator.
This may damage the calculator contents. Do you wish to continue..."

Also, once the files are on the hp49g+ they show up as string files.

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How do you make grobs?  Can i make equationd in say Mathtype equation writer 
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thanks in advance


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I know this has been asked a bunch before, but I looked through all
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the heck am I missing that will allow me to simply view the graphic?
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WinHP.  I wish to be able to simply view the graphics independant of
any other files if possible.


HP Rules!    ;)

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There's too HAPE 2004, but its like a demo version...

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1: Graphic 131 x 64

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