* * * Important Please Delete * * * ( 666 asterisks deleted )


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  • 1. OT: Have I told you lately
    "Grackle" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:2jKld.199$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... | I'm trying to lure the thing to me, but it doesn't come. I feel like a | failure. Maybe I need to use foods with fewer ingredients...I hope I | haven't killed it accidentally. That would be tragic! Post a few on-topic things in the fat acceptance group and you'll be sure to lure one. In the meantime, Lady Veteran here has several trolls of her own and will be glad to lend you one, if you like. We have enough around here to make sure no one has to go without. They also have some form of reproduction, so you can ignore them for quite a while and they'll still stay. Generously, Robin
  • 2. What is EQlive????
    Is it the original Everquest? In many posts people talk about EQlive. But I never heard of the expression before.
  • 3. Ho Hum {was: Playing rpgs is...}
    The voice of "Jonah Falcon" drifted in on the cyber-winds, from the sea of virtual chaos... > WARNING! > > He's crossposted to can.sun-stroke, which means he's trying to get > hits to win a reply contest. IGNORE HIM. It's just GigaTroll... Yet again... I add "?-5000 newsgroups {\bcan\.}" to my hamster filter entries after the third (or fourth) time around. }:8P -- Maxx Pollare, a "small god" in his own mind...
  • 4. Konung 2 Gold
    Let's see if they made it less of a yawnfest, because there are very few non-online RPGs coming out. Jonah Falcon

Re: * * * Important Please Delete * * * ( 666 asterisks deleted )

Postby Paul Hovnanian P.E. » Fri, 20 May 2005 10:12:37 GMT

Paul Hovnanian     mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM 
Disclaimer - These opiini^H^H damn! ^H^H ^Q ^[ .... :w  :q  :wq  :wq! ^d
exit X Q  ^C ^? :quitbye  CtrlAltDel ~~q  :~q  logout  save/quit :!QUIT
^[zz ^[ZZZZZZ ^H  man vi ^@  ^L  ^[c  ^# ^E ^X ^I ^T ? help  helpquit ^D
man quit ^C ^c  ?Quit ?q CtrlShftDel "Hey, what does this button d..."

Re: * * * Important Please Delete * * * ( 666 asterisks deleted )

Postby Cable Speed Test » Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:43:18 GMT

TWF* ...

*That was funny!

hmmm I just invented a text chat shortcut. 

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