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  • 1. Vampi The Masquerade - patch 1.6 NOT FOUND
    Re: vtmbup16 ....I have just checked every file search site I know off (V. Many) ...cant find any sign of this at all.. Google knows it not .Fileplanet knows it not.....vtmbup16 luv mouse @@@@@
  • 2. Worlds of Xeen - how to create?
    guys, I got both Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen, the ancient files ... they do run nice with DosBox, though the mouse is sluggish. how do I create "Worlds of Xeen" out of those two, however? The installer can only do this if I have a floppy! those files are all on my hd, however, ancient backup. Manually copying the "darkside" stuff over to the "clouds" stuff lets my use "clouds" and travel to the darkside, but the game crashes right after the passage. thanks for any pointers! -- "This is an extremely primitive and paranoid culture." (James T. Kirk on 20th century America, Star Trek IV)
  • 3. VTMB - steadying the hunting rifle scope
    Has anyone ever used the hunting rifle in scope mode (i.e. secondary fire mode - TAB key)? The weapon has ranged combat requirement of 4, I have ranged skill of 7, yet when I try the rifle in scope mode, it's moving all over the place and there's no way to hit a target. It makes no difference if I stand or crouch. In the primary fire non-scoped mode, it's steady. I'm patched up through the unofficial 1.5 patch. Is this a bug, or is there a way to steady it in scoped mode? Bill J. ps. I'm at the endgame and I just want to finish this game so I can concentrate on Guild Wars (as a Necromancer of course). ;-)

Re: * * * Important Please Delete * * * ( 666 asterisks deleted )

Postby Paul Hovnanian P.E. » Fri, 20 May 2005 10:12:37 GMT

Paul Hovnanian     mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM 
Disclaimer - These opiini^H^H damn! ^H^H ^Q ^[ .... :w  :q  :wq  :wq! ^d
exit X Q  ^C ^? :quitbye  CtrlAltDel ~~q  :~q  logout  save/quit :!QUIT
^[zz ^[ZZZZZZ ^H  man vi ^@  ^L  ^[c  ^# ^E ^X ^I ^T ? help  helpquit ^D
man quit ^C ^c  ?Quit ?q CtrlShftDel "Hey, what does this button d..."

Re: * * * Important Please Delete * * * ( 666 asterisks deleted )

Postby Cable Speed Test » Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:43:18 GMT

TWF* ...

*That was funny!

hmmm I just invented a text chat shortcut. 

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