GalCiv2: Update issues (Euro version)



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GalCiv2: Update issues (Euro version)

Postby Michael Vondung » Sat, 25 Mar 2006 06:22:33 GMT

Today I received the German version CE of GalCiv2. After installing and
briefly running it (ran just fine), I went to the Stardock site, registered
my copy, downloaded the Stardock Central and then downloaded the latest
patch that was displayed. After its successful installation, the start menu
of the game was now in English (wouldn't be a problem), but after clicking
"play game", the software now crashes right after the intro (the German
intro didn't have any music or speech, my updated version now does). It
just says that a bug was encountered and that the application must be

So, what am I to do? The manual refers to the site. There is no
official German site and thus no patch that is dedicated to the German
version of the game. My guess is that every buyer of the German version
will do exactly the same as I did (it was just released today, on the

I know, I should simply have bought the English version and save myself any
such trouble, but well, hindsight ... I'm now sitting here on a CE that I
apparently have to uninstall, reinstall, and play in the previous,
allgededly slightly buggy version. Not to mention that I am on ISDN (little
better than dial-up) and spent the afternoon downloading (and paying for
for it) nearly 80 MB for nothing.

Any pointers?


Re: GalCiv2: Update issues (Euro version)

Postby Jeremy Reaban » Sat, 25 Mar 2006 07:15:22 GMT


I would suggest not using stardock central, and download the patch via their 
website.  I don't think you should be downloading 80 mb of stuff - the 10x 
patch should only be about 25-30 mb 

Re: GalCiv2: Update issues (Euro version)

Postby Michael Vondung » Sat, 25 Mar 2006 08:21:07 GMT

Yes, it came with a serial key and with a separate code for the CE. So it
is possible to download the whole game and then just use my serial codes?
Might need to let my machine on for a day and download the whole thing, but
eh, well, might be worth it if it stops future trouble and enables me to
download/install/use updates when they come out. Now I just have to find
out where exactly I can download GalCiv2 from the site.

Paradox Games, the distributor the German release, seemed a bit clueless.
One of their staff members recommended to just uninstall the game,
reinstall the game from the CDs, and then wait. *grin* He did promise to
get back to me once he knows more about the problem.


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