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Re: Dungeon Keeper

Postby Mike » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 07:01:01 GMT

Make sure they are patched to the same level.

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1.dungeon keeper problem

hello i was playing dungeon keeper gold then had to 
reboot my system using windows home edition evrything 
worked fine but now when i try to install it,it says 
dungeon keeper requires windows 98,nt or high and will 
not let me install it. plz someone help me

2.**SOLVED** - Dungeon Keeper - Vista Compatible

Morning all,

My first time on this forum, so let me introduce myself.

I know how to get Incompatible games to work is the simple answer.

I will be here during my time on this forum correcting any issues for

Dungeon Keeper is one of my all time favourite games, took me about a
week to find this fix, been working on it really hard. You don't need
DosBox, or Virtual Servers etc, just Windows Vista, and Dungeon Keeper.

I am at work at the moment, so I can't post what to do to make it work,
but will do shortly, on my break or something. 

Can't wait to play it again!!



3.Dungeon Keeper 2 Silver Edition Problems.. Again

I know this is like the 8th post that has this topic, but none of the
fixes worked for me! I am STILL trying to get it to work! After running
it in compatibility mode for Everything XP and below, i tried turning
off the Desktop Comp, and the other option, but to no avail. I get
little slivers of color in the middle of the screen in game, almost like
there is constant Fog of War. i have Vista Home 32X SP2, and i am sure
my graphics are up to snuff for this game, i was able to run Bioshock
and Fallout 3 with no trouble.

Ohh, and i also updated to game to 1.7 (After like 2 hours of searching
for the patch) So yeah.. Any help?


4.Dungeon Keeper incompatible with Vista?

5.HOW-TO: Dungeon Keeper 2 in Vista

For those having trouble with Dungeon Keeper 2.

Install DK2
Download patch from ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/archive/bullfrog/patches/dk2/ 
Right click Desktop Icon, Choose Properties.
Compatibility, set to Windows XP SP2 mode
Check Disable visual themes and desktop composition
Click OK
Run Game.

Worked for me, hope it works for you,

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