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NVidia Geforce Dual Monitor + TV Out

Postby Michael Dombrowski » Sun, 05 Sep 2004 10:53:26 GMT

Hello All,
I've got a Geforce FX card that's working just dandy with dual monitors 
(DVI + Analog). However, I'd really like to run TV output from time to 
time for games and such and I can do this if I go and change the 
dualview options but this is not ideal for me. I'd really like to have 
the TV out mirror my second analog display which runs at 1024x768 so it 
shouldn't be a problem, is there a way to do this? Maybe with some sort 
of third party utility? Alternatively, is there a quick and easy way to 
setup profiles which would allow me to switch back and forth between the 
various setups? I'm out of PCI slots so I'd like to avoid buying another 
video card if possible but if that's what it takes...


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