Dual Monitor Problem: Primary Monitor Switched?



  • 1. Optiquest Q75
    My monitor has an adjustment button on it that doesn't work. I cannot reduce the size of the pic because I cannot get my mouse onto the MAXIMIZE or MINIMIZE button., I cannot reduce conrast or brightness, I simply want to know if anyone has had such a problem, and what it would probably cost to fix if fixable. Thanks, Mike
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    Got a brand new Hanon LCD monitor... Trouble is it flickers from time to time and is really annoying. Any ideas ?
  • 3. LCD monitor dead: diy repair?
    Yesterday it was working fine when I turned it off, but when I booted up the PC this morning my LCD monitor (a 15" Dell E151Fpp) was completely dead - even the little light indicating 'power' was off. Having whipped the back off, I found a blown fuse on the power supply circuit board (which is integrated into the monitor). I replaced this, but when I powered it up there was an instant 'pop' (presumably blowing the fuse again) and the monitor is still dead. Is there anything a non-expert like me can do to repair this? Where would I start? Seems to me that the whole power-supply board is an integral item which would probably unplug for diy replacement (could I get hold of one?), which might be more economical for me than taking the monitor to a repair shop? Any suggestions? Thanks David
  • 4. pc boots into safe mode every 3rd time it is switched on
    hi there, I have a client with an interesting problem. I'm guessing its related to display drivers. hence video. the pc boots normally 2 out of 3 times. the third time it boots to safe mode. I have asked them to check what messages come up prior to bringing it to me to look at. I suspect the display drivers may be playing up. any ideas as to why it would be fine 2 out of 3 tries then every third one goes to safe mode?
  • 5. Help: Getting Graphics Card to Work
    I've just spent three hours trying to get my video card working. I had a system put together minus a graphics card because I wanted to install a Jetway Radeon 9550(95LXAD256C) card that I have. Unfortunately, I'm having problems. With the card plugged into the AGP slot, when I get one beep, followed by three quick beeps when I power up, and there is no signal whatsoever going to the display. Since I get no signal to the monitor at all, my options seem limited. When the system was built, a Diamond Stealth II G460 8MB was used, and then taken out before the system was given to me. The motherboard is an Asus CUV4X and all of the chips on the video card itself are hard-wired.(For what it's worth, I see a bank of 8 dip switches on the motherboard. All positioned upwards, except #4.) I know nothing about IRQ conflicts, and would be nervous about messing with them since the guy who put the system together knew what he was doing, and I don't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Darren Harris Staten Island, New York.

Dual Monitor Problem: Primary Monitor Switched?

Postby rishi.chopra » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 02:29:49 GMT

Is there a way to change the default monitor selection when using a
dual display setup under Windows XP?

Currently my external LCD is set as the primary monitor; the option to
change the primary monitor back to my laptop's LCD is greyed out.

Re: Dual Monitor Problem: Primary Monitor Switched?

Postby rishi.chopra » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:22:53 GMT

My mistake; apparently the 'F5' settings on my IBM Thinkpad T41p are
not reliably maintained by the hardware.

Re: Dual Monitor Problem: Primary Monitor Switched?

Postby rishi.chopra » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:23:07 GMT

My mistake; apparently the 'F5' settings on my IBM Thinkpad T41p are
not reliably maintained by the hardware.

Re: Dual Monitor Problem: Primary Monitor Switched?

Postby rishi.chopra » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:23:38 GMT

whoops, that should read 'F7'

Re: Dual Monitor Problem: Primary Monitor Switched?

Postby rishi.chopra » Thu, 19 May 2005 05:16:43 GMT

On an (unrelated?) note my laptop actually loses its display settings
after resuming from a screen saver (extended desktop shrinks to one
desktop).  This didn't always happen so I guess I'm publicly confused.

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On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:02:53 -0600
Mark Bray < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm in the process of purchasing a set of computers for a research
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Simplest way is to just use 2 KVM switches, put the first video output
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second video output on the other.  Then if you want both monitors on the
same machine pick the same machine on both, if you want one monitor on
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> TIA,
> 	-Mark

Reply to jclarke at ae tee tee global dot net
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