All IIS web sights STOPPED



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    How can IIS be configured to map a network drive so that it can store/delete files from it? I can map the drive when I log in, but that's not the behavior I want. I need it to map the drive for IIS. Note, there's a separate login required to activate the network share. Can someone help? Thanks.

All IIS web sights STOPPED

Postby John A. Jackson » Sat, 26 Jan 2008 05:47:43 GMT

Hello Fellow Travelers,

   Yes, I am having a challenge with IIS.  I noticed one day that it wasn't 
serving any web pages.  You know, the familiar 'Internet Explorer cannot 
display the webpage'.  I went to the web server, Win03, and found that each 
and every one of the web sights had been, '(stopped)'.  In trying to restart 
the them, I receive the error message 'The network location cannot be 
reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help.'

   I have checked the Win03 firewall, checked this and checked that, but 
after hours, which seemed like days, I have been unable to resolve this 
challenge.  Please point me in the right direction.


John A. Jackson

Re: All IIS web sights STOPPED

Postby .._.. » Sat, 26 Jan 2008 06:30:05 GMT

Where are the files for these services?  Open one up and dig around, make 
sure there isnt a UNC share in there that is gone or something.  That 
includes any virtual folders.

Anything in the event viewer about these errors?

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1.A Resolution to 'All IIS web sights STOPPED' or Giving Back Just a Little

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello Fellow Travelers,

      The IIS server wasn't taken down, but other arrangements had to be 
made to continue the presentation of web pages.

      The server has still been on line all this time, but every web page 
had been 'stopped'.  However, one could still 'Remote Desktop Connection' 
into the server.  As I had mentioned to you earlier, I had invested several 
hours in exploring the cause of the web pages being 'stopped' to no avail.

      Yes, we had planned to take the server completely off line and 
completely reinstall Win03.  However, I was a little frustration that I 
wasn't seeing the solution to the 'stopped' challenge. With that, I decided 
to spend another hour or two seeing if the challenge could be resolved.

      Remembering that my partner had recently changed the IP address of the 
IIS server, I started looking in that direction.  Yes, the server is behind 
a firewall using a private IP address; it always has been.  I hacked into 
the server registry and there it was.  The NIC had retained the old IP as a 
2nd and 3rd address and that is what IIS was looking at.

      The resolution of the challenge was to simply point the 2nd and 3rd IP 
retained by the NIC to the new IP.  After making the change followed by a 
reboot of the server, IIS brought itself back on line and began serving web 


John A. Jackson

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