Need NT executables of popular IIUG software packages


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Need NT executables of popular IIUG software packages

Postby joe » Mon, 28 Jul 2003 00:34:43 GMT


In looking at Google groups, I see that many of us are still
struggling with compiling on Windows systems some of the best esql/c
programs from IIUG.  Things like Leffler's contributions, Art's stuff,
tx_split (I REALLY WANT this!).  Because many of these programs come
from UNIX, you need an ANSI-compatible compiler, and it's a real
hassle trying to get anything other than MSVC compilers to work with
ESQL/C on Windows systems.  I have been trying to get some of these
packages to work for years with no success, and I'm sure other Windows
Informix users have the same problems.

So here's what I want to do.  If you have compiled any of these
packages (especially dbcmd, ak_utils, tx_split) for NT, send me a copy
and I'll post them all on the website for
anybody to download.  If you're the author of any of these contributed
packages and know of an NT port, let me know.  Also send me an email
giving me permission to post the executable.  (I won't post any of the
executables without the original author's permission).

If I can get more of these NT executables, maybe all us Windows users
can stop having nightmares about mingw and gcc  ;-)

Joe Lumbley

Re: Need NT executables of popular IIUG software packages

Postby Ronald Cole » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 08:42:46 GMT

 XXXX@XXXXX.COM  (Joe Lumbley) writes:

Have you tried Cygwin?  < http://www.**--****.com/ >

Forte International, P.O. Box 1412, Ridgecrest, CA  93556-1412
Ronald Cole < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >      Phone: (760) 499-9142
President, CEO                             Fax: (760) 499-9152
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RE: Need NT executables of popular IIUG software packages

Postby David N. Heydon » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 20:56:02 GMT

It isn't, you have to use the Windows DLL's on Cygwin at present. I have
suggested to IBM that they should consider supporting gcc on Windows to make
life easier for porting Unix esqlc apps to windows.


-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Harnden [mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ]
Sent: 28 July 2003 11:39
Subject: Re: Need NT executables of popular IIUG software packages

I didn't think that the csdk was available for cygwin ?

sending to informix-list

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