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  • 1. Minimum client driver requirements
    We are planning an upgrade to Informix 9.4 from 7.31 on HP-UX 11.11. Our client side is running the latest driver (3.82 32bit), but some of our servers are running older versions of the driver (2.4 or 2.01). They have been compatible with 7.31, but we are wondering if anyone knows the minimum client driver version for 9.4. Thanks, Don Semmens Financial Applications Lead McGuireWoods, LLP Richmond, VA XXXX@XXXXX.COM XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 2. Ontape from Intel/SCO/IFMX5 to Intel/NT/IFMX7
    Hi, we have HW problem on our old archive server with SCO and Informix Online 5. We have backup on tape ( in ontape format ). We also have Informix 7.3 on Windows NT. Both computers are Intel based. It is possible to restore tape on our NT? In other words: is ontape backup compatible between IFMX versions (on same hardware platform)? Thanks Leos PS: We can repair old machine but transfer to NT is better solution for now.
  • 3. problem changing lock mode to a table
    Hi, I have a problem with IDS 10.0 running on HP-UX 11.23, I'm trying to change the lock mode, i've seen the sintaxis about the alter command to change lock mode to tables it seems to be ok, but when i execute since dbaccess, it sends a sintaxis error, I'm using this sentence, Alter Table tab1 lock mode row; it sends me an error like this A syntax error has occurred. error -201 If anyone can help me, thnx
  • 4. Refering to Data binding
    I'm tring to do some mass insertion, so i'm using data binding, now the question is that i have (for the moment) a some field that will get the same value. is there a way to make it while on prepare? So that i only pass one value to the execute?? Thanks. One more thing... could i prepare a group of insertions together? Like: "INSERT INTO theTable (field1, field2, field3....) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ...); INSERT INTO theSubTable(fieldA, fieldB, fieldC,...) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ...);"

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4.Why would Hosts suddenly become unavailable?

I have also seen this sort of behaviour, but not frequently.  At the most I have seen
connections drop after 2 weeks.

I'm running OS9 5 server and 5.5 clients on PC and Mac.  What I can say is Appletalk
can drop and TCP not, TCP can drop and Appletalk not. But this is not common.  I do
remember (back when having problems) that some normal Mac Extentions should be
disabled, I did and it cleared thing up - this was back when running server 3.0 on
OS9 on the same computer before upgrading to v5 - maybe it is still relivant, but I
don't remember what they were.

Your network:  Make sure ALL swithes and routers etc are on UPS systems.  A power
flicker can cause problems.  I do know that NetGear switches (even on a good APC UPS)
will drop on a power bump - I don't know why.  I actually added a battery in the DC
supply to filter out the power bumps on these switches - this cured them from
dropping connections.

I don't read this group frequently, so email me if you have comments


5.Exporting becomes read only

My father has a problem with filemaker, with version 10 is not able to
clone a database in short.

He clones but it's read only, and no way to write in it.
The file cloned was open and with network enabled, could that maybe the

OS permissions are set fine...

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