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Toolbar won't stay locked

Postby Tom » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 08:22:19 GMT

The search function in the toolbar won't stay 'unchecked' 
even when I try to lock the toolbars. I've done the 
toolbar regedit clear procedure but it's not helping. 

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I can't get the toolbars to stay locked in IE6.  They 
appear to lock when I get them how i want them, then right 
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They stay locked until the next time I open up IE6 again 
when they're back all over the place.  Anyone able to help?

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I am currently running IE 6.0 and have 3 toolbars; standard, links ( to my frequently used sites), and "my websearch" (which came with Smiley Central).

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Everytime I restart my computer the toolbar resets to 
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I'm using XP home edition / IE 6.  Recently, something strange has begun 

My toolbars are usually locked into a configuration that I prefer. 
However,sometimes when I open a new window, the toolbars are in another 
configuration. I can set the back the way I like it & lock 'em again, but 
eventually they come unlocked again.

(I'm the only user on the computer.)

I've run AdAware & Spybot but that doesn't help ~

I've had the Google Toolbar for a couple years but doubt that's the problem 
as it's always behaved itself in the past, and this problem has been going 
on for maybe a month.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much.


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