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Toolbar won't stay locked

Postby Tom » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 08:22:19 GMT

The search function in the toolbar won't stay 'unchecked' 
even when I try to lock the toolbars. I've done the 
toolbar regedit clear procedure but it's not helping. 

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I can't get the toolbars to stay locked in IE6.  They 
appear to lock when I get them how i want them, then right 
click on them and on the menu click on 'Lock the Toolbars'.

They stay locked until the next time I open up IE6 again 
when they're back all over the place.  Anyone able to help?

2.Toolbars won't stay locked

I am currently running IE 6.0 and have 3 toolbars; standard, links ( to my frequently used sites), and "my websearch" (which came with Smiley Central).

For some reason, lately my toolbars keep switching places with each other, even though the VIEW box says they are "locked" and I keep locking the toolbars, but they won't stay where I set them!

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Everytime I restart my computer the toolbar resets to 
original setting, doesn't matter if the look is engaged 
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I'm using XP home edition / IE 6.  Recently, something strange has begun 

My toolbars are usually locked into a configuration that I prefer. 
However,sometimes when I open a new window, the toolbars are in another 
configuration. I can set the back the way I like it & lock 'em again, but 
eventually they come unlocked again.

(I'm the only user on the computer.)

I've run AdAware & Spybot but that doesn't help ~

I've had the Google Toolbar for a couple years but doubt that's the problem 
as it's always behaved itself in the past, and this problem has been going 
on for maybe a month.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much.


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