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IE6 Printing and Print Preview problems

Postby Dean Dodd » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:15:51 GMT

We are having a problem with IE6 at the moment, when you 
click print or print preview in IE nothing happens at all 
no error message or event's logged nothing at all!  The 
toolbar print button does nothing also.  This seems to 
have happened on machines we have moved from our old NT 
domain to the new AD domain.  IE does this for any user 
domain admin, local admin and normal users.

PC's are Windows 2000 SP2, IE6 SP1.  I have tried loading 
Windows 2000 SP3 and the Cumulative Patch for SP1 but 
still the same.  If I uninstall IE6 and go back to 5.5 
printing and print preview works fine reload IE6 and it 
stops again.

One more thing on the windows update site I can select the 
downloads and click start download I get the EULA click 
accept and nothing happens?


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Text at a specified location.</div>
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            <div class="CA"
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