IExplore.exe remains in process list even after browser is closed

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  • 1. IE closes by itself when opening
    often when I launch IE it opens up the browser window only to close automatically immediately after loading a complete page
  • 2. IE 6.0.2800 hangs when not in use
    Here's a puzzler. Using Wimdows ME on a Dell Dimension, with IE 6.0 2800.1106, the browser hangs if all browser applications are shut down. In other words, as long as I have a browser box on (either minimized or not) there is no problem. but if i accidentally close all IE apps, then I must re boot to get on the net again Thanks in advance.
  • 3. IE 6.0 using winXp and
    Does anyone have any help for the following problem: I cannot log on to on my pc with windows XP sp2. I get a log on screen and when user name and password is enter. I get a HTPP Error 401.1 But when I log on at a different PC using win2k I am able to get to website.
  • 4. IE 6 errors "action cancelled"...
    have done everything except wipe-out my computer (Win 2K,) I have the most current updates and security patches. I don't have Norton's NIS, I do have NAV 2003 and a D-link hardware firewall/router. I've reset all my security levels within IE, even as low as "low" and still no difference. I do/did have Google's toolbar 2.0 with the add blocker and I've also un-installed that as well. It's only been doing this now for a couple of weeks now, but I CAN NOT make it go away. As I enter a web page, the adds or pages within a page, constantly shows a... "Action Cancelled" followed by "Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable." This stops be from accessing certain pages and limits my browsers functionality. This has been most frustrating in places like MS's GameZone, my browswer never lets me enter a lobby now. As I click on a lobby, it ALWAYS says "Please wait for the page to finish loading before clicking on a lobby." I've waited for 15 minutes, I've re-installed zone files, I've tried with the "https:"...nothing has worked. The problem seems so simple but yet I'm stuck, am I missing something too obvious or is there a deeper issue that I'm not able to find or detect? Any help would greatly be appreriated. Thanks.

IExplore.exe remains in process list even after browser is closed

Postby Harry Matsumoto » Wed, 07 Jan 2004 08:56:43 GMT

I have a problem with Internet Explorer.  Even after I 
close Internet Explorer, IEXPLORE will remain in the 
process list.  I have to do an end process to remove 
IEXPLORE from the process list.  I would appreciate any 
help or suggestions.

Thanks, Harry

Re: IExplore.exe remains in process list even after browser is closed

Postby Frank Saunders, MS-MVP IE/OE » Wed, 07 Jan 2004 10:16:22 GMT

First eliminate any scumware.
Dealing with Unwanted Spyware, Parasites, Toolbars and Search Engines

Note that AdAware and SpyBot S & D will each catch some things the other
won't.  Also, each need to be updated before every use, even when just

If trying everything at that site does not fix the problem please post back
in the same thread.

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP IE/OE
Reply to Newsgroup.  I won't answer email
Protect Your PC

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The process iexplore.exe remains in memory, as seen in 
Task Manager, even after closing the IE window. The 
processes go on accumulating and affect my browsing speed 
in any new IE windows. In fact, then some of the 
hyperlinks don't open and cause that window to hang.

Actually a similar behaviour is seen with Adobe Acrobat 
Reader 5 window. The acrord32.exe process remains in 
memory even after closing the Acrobat window.

I'm experiencing this for a few weeks now. It started 
without any apparent change in network settings. I've 
tried enabling and disabling Java console. I couldn't 
find anything relevant on the Microsoft Support site.

Is there any way to see what the residual process is 
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some OS-level activity to finish.


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I have noticed that when I close a browser window, that the process is not 
exiting.  This causes another iexplore.exe process to be launched each time I 
open a browser, and will eventually cause memory errors.  If I open and close 
my browser 10 times, I will have 10 processes still running.  
I am using Explorer 6 SP2.  I am also using the MS Anti-Spyware which has 
detected nothing.  On a suggestion from an IT friend, I downloaded a program 
called a-squared which did find and remove several spyware items.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


3.Iexplore.exe remains in memory after I close the program

I am running Windows XP pro with IE 6.

IE runs fine but the problem I am having is when I close 
it the process remains in memory.  I have to go into task 
manager and manually clear out the process. 

Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone have ideas on 
what might be the cause ? 

4.iexplore.exe process keeps running after close it

Hi everybody,

I have a problem, sometimes after open 2 or 3 times IE after close them I go 
to "Windows Task Manager" and I find that I have the 2 or 3 IE process 
running and consuming memory, some of the consume 20, or 40 MB...

Do you know why is happening this? How can I fix it?

I hope you can help, I don't really like to go every time to kill manually 
those process...



5.IE6 iexplore.exe process not closing - more info

OK, installed IE7 and patched to most recent.

Now, doesn't crash 5 min after exiting, but still
keeps iexplore.exe open.


"V Green" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news:OJ4kp$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> Recent development - last 3 -4 days.
> iexplore.exe process does not close after closing
> window - crashes witn "...must close..." dialog about
> five minutes after closing window.  0xC00000005
> access vioation.  If you leave window open, no crash.
> Can kill with Task Manager, it's not the "iexplore" virus.
> CA / Malwarebytes / etc. find nothing.
> Stopping all BHO's etc. doesn't help.
> Can't think of anything I did to cause this...
> XP SP3, fully patched.

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