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Internet Explorer

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  • 1. Cant upload pictures
    I cant upload any pictures on the internet....no matter where. It will say its loading for a couple seconds, and then it will just say done at the bottom, but it didnt upload them...does anyone have an answer to this problem?
  • 2. Can't paste to address bar.
    I've read the @-24 posting about not being able to paste an URL to the address bar and I am experiencing the same thing. The copy is good- it will paste to any other app. This started with the last release of IE (6.02---) about a week or so ago. Any thoughts?
  • 3. Spoton popup
    Hi I seem to have a really irritating spyware dll installed in my system. Every 3-4 hops from website to website, an annoying window pops up, called SpotOn. I'v tried Spybot and Adaware but none of them seem to help remove this popup. I looked it up on the Net, and one website mentioned that I should find and remove a file "Spoton.dll" but I'v looked all over my hard-drive, and I can't find this file (using Windows Search, ofcourse) Can anyone help me remove this Regards Zulfiqar Ali Shah.

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Postby dHJlYWRlcnM » Tue, 12 Jul 2005 05:13:01 GMT

My Internet Explorer version 6.0 service pack 2 displays only square boxes 
( in the title bar.
How can I fix this so that the name of the web page I am browsing is 
displayed correctly?

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