toolbars do not stay locked after restarting the computer

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Re: toolbars do not stay locked after restarting the computer

Postby Ramesh [MVP] » Sat, 07 Aug 2004 17:33:14 GMT

Three possibilities:
1. Corrupt Toolbar layout
2. AutoTKit program causing this (in case of a HP/Compaq unit)
3. A malware, fash.exe or something causing this

Internet Explorer Toolbar settings are not saved

Ramesh, Microsoft MVP
Windows XP Shell/User

Windows 2000 Group Policy Registry Table: 

i've noticed for some time that when i arrange the 
toolbars on my internet explorer, EVEN IF I lock them, 
when i reboot the computer or restart it, they are back to 
some sort of default setting. does anyone know how to get 
them to really lock?

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Hi Lock,

The Google toolbar is a known toolbar layout hijacker. Here's is a copy of a 
previous post

Here's the test plan to show how the Google toolbar hijacks the Toolbar 
layout in IE7 (untested in 6)

Start IE7 and unload the Google toolbar (if loaded) and just to be safe, any 
other third-party toolbars that you have installed. Arrange your remaining 
IE7 toolbars to your pleasure. I have the Menus and Links toolbars on the 
top line. Close IE7 to save your toolbar layout.

Open IE7 and it should show the last retained toolbar layout.... as 

Load the Google toolbar. Place it on a line of its own. Close IE to save the 
Toolbar layout..

Open IE7 and you will see that the toolbar layout has changed... All 
toolbars are displayed on their own lines...

Select the Tools>Manage Addons menu and find and disable the 'Google Toolbar 
Browser Helper' (the BHO part). Re-arrange the toolbars to your 
pleaseure.... note that the Google toolbar is still visible even though the 
BHO component has been disabled. (acutually it is still in memory, but it 
won't be loaded the next time the browser is started).

Close IE7 to save your toolbar layout.

Open IE7 and this time it should have retained your saved toolbar layout.

Conclusion - The Google toolbar hijacks ITBarLayout from within its satelite 
BHO. Disabling the satelite BHO of the Google toolbar returns toolbar layout 

Other known hijackers - toolbar

Seems to be a misunderstanding by toolbar developers to use a satelite BHO 
to write to ITBarLayout to force their toolbars to be displayed in the 
toolbar, dispite the users preferences.

For those of you with RegMon.exe - Place a hook on the satelite bho to track 
the registry writes to ITBarLayout.


"IE7 - Toolbars don't "Lock"" <IE7 - Toolbars don't 
"Lock"> wrote in message 
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
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> explorer line then lock toolbars - restart IE7 and toolbars are now 
> stacked
> under explorer bar - toolbar control still shows toolbars as "locked" even
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> email)
> Any idea how to actually "lock" toolbars into locations so they don't
> reconfigure selves each restart of this program? 

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