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Image printing problems in IE6

Postby ZHRnYXJrc3lz » Wed, 23 Nov 2005 06:33:05 GMT

I am having problems with IE6 when it comes to printing pages with images 
that are served from other websites.    My HTML screen has the HTML code, 
<img src="http://server/retrieveimage.aspx?parm1=a&parm2=b">.  The 
retrieveimage.aspx uses the parameters to query a database and return the 
appropriate JPG image, and normally takes 2-5 seconds.  When I print (or 
choose print preview), instead of printing the image that is displayed on the 
screen, it will print the image not found icon.  Printing works great in 
Netscape and Firefox.

I know the problem occurs because the Print command in IE requests all 
images again from the webserver.  Is there anything that I can do about this 
problem?  I have tried using a javascript onBeforePrint and onAfterPrint 
events with the hope of delaying of the Print dialog long enough to allow the 
images to load, but IE6 appears to not request the images until after these 
events run.  

Re: Image printing problems in IE6

Postby Rob Parsons » Wed, 23 Nov 2005 12:10:03 GMT

Redesign your HTML page and use ASPX instead of just plain html. Design your
aspx page so that it stamps the actual source path to the image file and not
just a bit stream. So on your client the HTML code for the image will look

<img src="http://server/images/imgab.jpg">

Your aspx code may look like

<img src="<%=GetImage("a","b")%>"> (note this is asp not aspx.)

Your images have to be stored on the server hard disk, not embedded in a
database. You can still record image views from within the GetImage


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