Window.Open Method of html/dhtml problem

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Window.Open Method of html/dhtml problem

Postby S2FyYW4 » Sat, 11 Feb 2006 16:29:33 GMT

I am using method to open a new window but i am getting a 
rectangular bar below the address bar. This is is also visible in print 
preview window.

I am using following code:'transformed.htm','_new','location=0,status=1,toolbar=0,manuBar=0,scrollBars=1,directories=0,resizable=0,width=600,height=400');

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But when it came back from a crash this morning, all was not well.
Sometimes I get a warning that it had to recover a copy of the
registry; it did that this morning too, but normally there's no harm.
This time, however, IE closes as soon as it tries to display a page (it
does the DNS lookup and downloads the page - I see that much on the
status bar before it closes). Netscape, however, remains open and works
as well as it ever did.

At the same time, while Outlook (2000) runs, and can read plain text
messages, it can no longer display HTML messages, and trying to force
it to open such a mail, or trying to set the compose style to HTML,
makes it crash.

At some point it gave a message about there being an OLE problem. Since
NS works but IE and Outlook do not, I'm guessing that it's the HTML
rendering engine that is part of Windows that has gone AWOL.

I've tried reinstalling Office; no change. I tried to re-install IE
SP1, but it refused saying I have a newer version (I'm XP SP2). I tried
re-installing MDAC 2.8 (to correct OLE), but it said a newer version
was already part of the system. I tried reinstalling SP2, but it only
allows you to do so through Windows Update, which of course it won't
because I already have it.

There seems to be no way to try and repair my system - any ideas? I'm
looking at starting over if I can't repair it.

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