Any Way to Redirect Outgoing HTTP Requests to Specific IP



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Any Way to Redirect Outgoing HTTP Requests to Specific IP

Postby Will » Sun, 06 Apr 2008 05:14:56 GMT

I want any outgoing HTTP or HTTPS request to a specific IP address to return
a page that I design myself.   Does ISA Server have any feature that would
let me set up that redirection and store the HTML result page on the ISA


Re: Any Way to Redirect Outgoing HTTP Requests to Specific IP

Postby Lefty » Sun, 06 Apr 2008 16:06:53 GMT

don't see why not...  you could have IIS (or any http server for that 
matter) on ISA and bound to say an ip on an internal network card ON the ISA 
box and setup things that way...

Re: Any Way to Redirect Outgoing HTTP Requests to Specific IP

Postby Jens Baier » Sun, 06 Apr 2008 16:07:35 GMT


create a rule that denies HTTP / HTTPS access to this IP and in the rule 
redirect the request to your website.

regards Jens 

Re: Any Way to Redirect Outgoing HTTP Requests to Specific IP

Postby Will » Mon, 07 Apr 2008 06:37:25 GMT


If I were going to set up a web server, I would put the web server on a
separate computer, but what I was hoping to do was to avoid the need to set
up a web site at all.     Since ISA Server has the ability to serve HTTP
requests for specific "special" objects like wpad.dat (used by clients for
autoconfiguration), we know that ISA has some basic hardened web server
functionality already embedded into the product.   What would have
oh-so-nice would have been the ability to have all HTTP(S) requests going to
specific target IPs be redirected to a result page or to an image and to be
able to place that page or image on the ISA Server and have it be serviced
by the ISA Server's native web server on the webproxy-enabled interfaces.

So basically I am looking for a *hardened* web server *for free*, running
under care of ISA, able to be full utilized by the redirect functionality of
ISA.   They would get brownie points on such a feature if the actual
location of the server could be dynamically adjusted by ISA to be on the
webproxy-enabled interface that contains the client that makes the request.
That saves me the hassle of network and firewall rules to interconnect the
different networks that are webproxy enabled to the hardened.   That's an
issue only for configurations where you have a lot of separate networks
connecting to the ISA Server (which we do).

I guess this is for the wishlist....



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