Use port 8080?



  • 1. HOW TO Count Connection per IP
    Dear all, Anyone now how can I count the concurrent connection opened by an IP address through my ISA 2006 Enterprise? Is is possible via gui, command-line, both? Sincerely I tried with the Session tab, but I have no way to add more fields on the view filter per Client IP Address. Any help would be really appreciated, I am trying to integrate a manual check after a SCOM Alert is generated about max concurrent connection threshold is reached. Regards Matteo

Use port 8080?

Postby melickas » Fri, 24 Jun 2005 22:16:42 GMT

Running SBS2003 Premium with ISA 2000. The Firewall Client is installed
on all workstations. In IE Lan settings, if I set the clients to use
"Proxy server" with port 8080, they can browse the Internet. If I
instead set IE Lan settings to "Automatically Detect Settings", they
can browse Internet also.

What is the proper way to setup the clients and why does it work either


Re: Use port 8080?

Postby Phillip Windell » Fri, 24 Jun 2005 23:09:03 GMT

The Automatic settings isn't doing anything and they are simply falling back
to using the Firewall Servie instead of the Web Proxy Service.

There is a lot more to setting up the Autodetect  than checking a box in the

The Brower's proxy settings are only for the Web Proxy Service.  The Browser
is not "aware" of anything else.  If the Browser has proxy settings then it
sends the web Requests to the Proxy, if it has no proxy settings then it
sends the Web Requests to the TCP/IP Stack.  It is not intelligent and it
does not do anything else other than separate Netbios URL from "dotted"
URLs.  Netbios URLs are not sent to the proxy, but all "dotted" URLs are
sent to the proxy.

The Firewall Client is only for the Firewall Service. It is a Winsock LSP
(Layered Service Provider).  It intercepts anything sent to the TCP/IP stack
and examine it to see if it should be sent to the proxy or left alone.  When
the browser has no proxy settings and sends the requests to the TCP/IP stack
the Firewall Client intercepts it and send it to the proxy. The browser has
no knowledge that this is happening and has no concept that a proxy is being
used even when it is being used.

SecureNAT Clients do not use the browser's proxy settings and do not use the
Firewall Client. they operate soley on the LAN's Layer3 routing scheme
(usually the clients Default Gateway). SecureNAT Clients can not be
authenticated by user accounts.


Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]

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