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    Hi, currently my isa server requeires authention, set on outgoing web requests using Integrated. for some testing I want to turn off the need to authenticate. If I uncheck the integrated checkbox in the outgoing web requests I got error 502 then trying to access an http address. How am I supposed to bypass the need for authentication? thanks /Niklas

Route to multiple SMTP Servers

Postby Alfredo Ardito » Thu, 20 May 2004 15:40:54 GMT

Hello all,

I might as well tell you i'm a newbie, therefore I might ask dumb things.

I would like to know if ISA server can handle 2 mail servers in order to
have mails from certain domains forwarded to mail Server A and mails instead
from other domains routed to mail Server B.

I would like to setup an ISA standalone server and 2 mail servers behind it.
The 2 mail servers would have, for example, Merak mail installed on Server A
and MailEnable installed on Server B.

With this kind of configuration, I would like mails from routed
to Server A and mails from routed to Server B.

Is this possible with ISA server? If not will ISA 2K4 manage to handle this
kind of configuration?

Kind regards

Re: Route to multiple SMTP Servers

Postby FE-FR » Fri, 21 May 2004 06:01:38 GMT

The first option would be to have to IPs on you ISA server and create 2
publishing rules.

of course the MX of domA use IP1 and MX of dom B use IP2.

Another option is to use the Microsoft SMTP Service on the ISA itself and
create SMTP routing rules. In this case ISA does not route anything but the
SMTP does, ... and it should work fine too.

Hope this helps.




Re: Route to multiple SMTP Servers

Postby Alfredo Ardito » Fri, 21 May 2004 07:32:43 GMT

Thx for your Help




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