Is ISA server a 64 or 32 bit app?


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    my set up is such that i have 1. LAN users using ISA as a proxy server to the net 2. External users using ISA server to connect to internal web application servers (Knowledge Management System, Intranret, Outlook Web Access all via RSA SecureID) 3. External users using ISA server to collect pop3 and send SMTP It seems that both the proxy and externally publish web pages in 1 & 2 are being logged in the same log file. Ideally I'd like to be able to report seperately on outgoing traffic (i.e. stuff being requested through the proxy) and incoming traffic (i.e. requests being made of my app servers by external clients). Any suggestions ? tia alex
    Hello, What is up with the W3Proxy using up so much memory in SBS 2003? I have mulitple clients and here is what I've discovered: Windows 2k with ISA 2000 - 15MB Mem usage Windows SBS 2000 - 100MB Windows SBS 2003 - 300MB and another using 400MB Can someone expain this? Or better yet, explain how to resolve it? Thanks, David Lozzi Delphi Technology Solutions, Inc. dlozzi(remove-this)
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    I have an SBS 2000 box with ISA running. I am using PPTP vpn's to the SBS. I have several users that intermittently get an error 732 when trying to connect to the VPN. Everything has worked fine for several months. Recently, the users began experiencing this error. I do not get this error, I can authenticate with EAP or MSCHAPv2. Has anyone seen this, or have any suggestions? Network setup is as follows: 1) Cable internet service with dynamic dns. 2) IPCop Linux firewall connected to the internet with two nics. Setup to forward PPTP to the ISA server. 3) SBS 2000 with two nics. Outside nic on same subnet as IPCop inside nic (this is my dmz). TIA, Tom
  • 4. Ftp on Isa 2004
    Hi, Here is my problem (on an ISA server 2004 over Windows server 2003): I allow outbound FTP connections. The clients *can* connect to the remote FTP server (Port 21) but when they try to upload some stuff they gat an "550 Access denied" massage. When logging on to the Ftp server from a different network (Not firewalled) everything works fine. I suspect the ISA server but I see nothing on the logs. HELP PPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE.... Noa.

Is ISA server a 64 or 32 bit app?

Postby Bob » Mon, 21 Aug 2006 23:31:29 GMT

Customer of mine wants to get a new computer to run ISA server 2004 - maybe 
upgrade to 2006 later. He really wants to get a machine with Xeon processors 
which I think is a 64 bit processor so we would be using W2003 standard 
server 64 bit. I think its overkill for small network (50 users), but he's 
pretty stubborn. Question I have is, is ISA server a 64 bit app? I'm 
planning the installation and realise that we would have to use ISA Firewall 
clients because we want to limit access to internet based on User logins. 
That means we will have to use the mmc snap-in to install the client program 
to user machines from the ISA server. I see there are two versions of the 
snap-in one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit.
Are we OK to use ISA server with W2003 standard server 64 bit?
If we do, will the snap-in to install the client work OK?

Thanks for any help


RE: Is ISA server a 64 or 32 bit app?

Postby U2hpamF6 » Tue, 22 Aug 2006 02:55:01 GMT

Running ISA Server 2004 is not supported on 64 bit versions of Windows. For 
more information, see:

* Troubleshooting Unsupported Configurations in ISA Server 2004

ISA 2006 will not be shipped in 64 bit version either.

You don't need to deploy Firewall client software if you just need to limit 
access based on usernames. For quick information on ISA Clients, see the FAQ:

* ISA 2004 Clients FAQ

MCSE:Security, CCNA

Re: Is ISA server a 64 or 32 bit app?

Postby ZVR » Tue, 22 Aug 2006 03:52:15 GMT

> Running ISA Server 2004 is not supported on 64 bit versions of Windows. 

As Shijaz said, you cannot run ISA on top of 64-bit Windows 2003. However, 
on 64-bit hardware that your customer will buy, you can still install 
Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and ISA 2004/2006 - no problem with that.


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