Where is a good place to ask a question about ANT


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  • 1. java.util.zip.ZipException: No such file or directory
    Hi, We're running Linux RH 9 and I've just installed Java 2 EE SDK 1.4 I've just run >>/path/to/java -mx256m -jar JarFile.jar and I get the following. Exception in thread "main" java.util.zip.ZipException: No such file or directory at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:112) at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(JarFile.java:127) at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(JarFile.java:65) What am I missing? Thanks in advance, Gary Thomson
  • 2. Vectors vs ArrayLists?
    I have looked at the interfaces and javadocs for java.util.ArrayList and java.util.Vector and I can't tell the difference between them. Is there a difference, and if so, what? Is one better than the other, or are they each better for different tasks?
  • 3. How to pass parameters "-Dxxxx" in ANT?
    Normally (from the command line) I call a certain java class by a line like java -Dxxxxxx -Dyyyyyy MyMainClass How do I code the parameters in ANT? <arg value="-Dxxxxxxx" /> <arc value="-Dyyyyyyy" /> does not work Lars

Where is a good place to ask a question about ANT

Postby printdude1968@gmail.com » Sun, 18 Mar 2007 11:21:51 GMT

I have installed ANT on a Windows 2003 server and would like to use it
to build and deploy tar files which are NOT composed of Java.
Furthermore, the tool I have to use to compile only works under a
Unixish applcation (we use SFU 3.5).  So what I need to be able to do
is invoke ANT from the command line under ksh and have it know about
my java installation.  When I try to run ant from the command line
now, I get an error telling me that my JAVA_HOME is not set up
correctly.  Unfortuantly, I think Ant wants to run something called
java or javac but my installation which I am using is for Windows
(jdk1.5....) and there is no "java" or "javac", only "java.exe" and
"javac.exe"  Is this the right place to ask or is there a forum
dedicated to ant somewhere?

Re: Where is a good place to ask a question about ANT

Postby ablock84 » Sun, 18 Mar 2007 21:41:45 GMT

You have to set JAVA_HOME in your environment variables. Just set it
the root of your java installation.
Maybe it's also requiered to update the PATH variable with the java
bin path.

On Mar 17, 3:21 am, " XXXX@XXXXX.COM "

Re: Where is a good place to ask a question about ANT

Postby Greg R. Broderick » Mon, 19 Mar 2007 11:49:34 GMT


Same place that you got ant from,  http://www.**--****.com/ "Mailing 
lists" in the left hand menu, or just see < http://www.**--****.com/ ;.


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