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  • 1. WebSphere/WebLogic development
    Hi, I am thinking in exploring EJBs with the evaluation versions of WebSphere and WebLogic. Nevertheless, all the documentation I find is about using WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) or BEA WebLogic Workshop... For several reasons I don't want to use those particular IDEs, but a general free tool like NetBeans. Anyone can point me to documentation/tutorials on developing EJBs/WebServices for these Application Servers without the associated IDEs? Thank you very much, Araes Tharsis
  • 2. DataInputStream & IOException
    Greetings, I am trying to use the readInt() method from DataInputStream. I have: DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(; int N = dis.readInt(); When I compile this, I get the following error: unreported exception; must be caught or declared to be thrown Int N = dis.readInt(); ^ How can I fix this? Thanks, Daniel
  • 3. Class not found on other computers
    I have created a bar that moves from left to right. I upload to my webspace and then load this through my computer and it works ok. When I try it on another computer it creates the rectangle that the bar moves in but that's it. It says the class not found in the status bar of the browser. I did a search of the forum and read that it may be because I'm using the latest version of the jdk and my applet uses Swing. I uninstalled the 1.4.2 or whatever I had and installed jdk1.3. I compiled using this and I am still getting the same errors. Any help to get this working would be great.


Postby JoeT » Sun, 07 Nov 2004 10:57:40 GMT

O geez I can't believe that I missed that! Thx Steve!

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