Java/Mozilla Problem


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Java/Mozilla Problem

Postby artlab » Thu, 11 Aug 2005 22:31:43 GMT

I am running Windows XP. I have recently installed Firefox but find that
Java and Java scripts run extremely slow.  Also, some graphic effects, such
as slide-in banners, fade-in or out, etc. do not work at all.  I have looked
into the settings of Java (J2SE), which incidentily works fine for IE, and
find that  I cannot enable <Applet> Tag Support for Mozilla and Netscape.
When I try to, it gives me the warning message: "Unable to Change Browser
Settings"  Yes, I have anabled Java in the Firefox browser and I think that
it has been configured correctly.  Can someone please help me with this
problem.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Best regards

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I want to put a java Applet in a jsp page. Here is what I used:

                Your browser does not support applets.

It worked fine in ie, but not with mozilla and firefox. I ran ie first
and installed java plugin. The applet then worked. I then ran Mozilla
and Firefox. They asked me to install the java plug-in again. After it
was installed, no thing happened. I still see the "puzzle" piece in
place where the applet should be. If I click the puzzle, it would
install java plug-in again, but still no applet. If I restart firefox,
the same problem: ask me to install the plug-in, no thing happend... I
had never got the applet work in mozilla or firefox. Could any one
help? Did I do something wrong? 



2.Mozilla seems to have a Java problem?

Maybe someone can help.

I ran the Combo Updater to go from 10.3.8 to 10.3.9. Everything was 
working prior to the update, and I repaired permissions before updating.

Everything worked well after the update except Britannica 2004. It had a 
Java problem and wouldn't launch. Following the procedure on MacFixit to 
manually re-install the 1.4.2 Java update 2 fixed the Britannica 
problem, but then Mozilla and related apps (FireFox, Netscape) no longer 

I then reapplied the 10.3.9 combo updater and also the update Apple 
posted to fix the original Java problem. Didn't change anything.

When I look at the log, it says I'm getting a fatal error during Mozilla 
launch: Failed to load JVM Library.

How can I fix this? (or can I?)

Thanks for any help!

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