need advice on a free DB hosting site



  • 1. XML & javascript
    Hi, I created an ajax script that request the server to get a XML file and then display a HTML content on the page when the user click a button. But I want to customize it choosing an another option is the communication with the server is too long. So I want to transfer the XML with the ASPX page and initialize the javascript to work with the local copy of the XML. Using the <link scr="example.xml"> I can write the XML on the temporary Internet Files but I don't know how to get the file from the javascript. Do you have any idea ?
  • 2. Preloading jpegs in IE problem
    I need some help resolving a pretty tricky problem. I have a javascript application running from a CD. The script preloads between 500 to 1000 jpegs (about 40K each) to the IE. The IE immediatly decompresses the jpegs, essentially using up too much memory. I have a few limitations working against me: A) Since the jpegs reside on a CD, it is crucial that I preload them to the IE in order to not incur the seek time that is needed when the user wishes to view the jpeg. B) This is not a slide show, the user has to be able to view the different jpegs when he wants to and will not wait the full second that will be needed to load them. It is only possible to wait when the script loads. Is anyone familiar with a way to preload the jpegs without the IE decompressing them immediatly?
  • 3. [OT] Hiding statusBar of windows media control
    Is there a way to hide the statusbar of the windows media control when embedded dynamically? I just want to see the navigation controls but not the field showing the current state. I'm using classid="CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6" to have streaming media support but setting "ShowStatusBar" to 0 doesn't work (it does in Firefox). What I'm doing right now is: var e = doc.createElement("object"); var elm = doc.createElement("param");"ShowDisplay"; elm.value=0; e.appendChild(elm); As it doesn't work in plain html it seems to be a restriction when using streaming media. May someone confirm this? Thanks for hints Daniel

need advice on a free DB hosting site

Postby Willyam Pax » Tue, 15 Jul 2008 14:23:47 GMT

hello everyone im stil new here i just want
some im working on a database install script in php....just a 
simple one...
i just need to test it online thats why i need advice on a database hosting 
site that is free..
that also i can activate it with a username and password, can create 
database or just select it.. 

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