Toshiba 4600 DVD issue



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Toshiba 4600 DVD issue

Postby Steve Mackie » Sat, 17 Dec 2005 01:01:58 GMT

I'm having a problem with the DVD-ROM in my Toshiba 4600. It doesn't seem to 
want to read the outer edge of data DVDs. Is this the nature of the beast or 
do I need a new DVD-ROM?


Re: Toshiba 4600 DVD issue

Postby Barry Watzman » Sat, 17 Dec 2005 11:52:41 GMT

You have a bad DVD or DVD-ROM drive.  DVDs fail from the outside in. 
But if it won't read any DVDs, then it's the drive itself that is 
failing, and this failure mode is quite common, unfortunately.

Re: Toshiba 4600 DVD issue

Postby mike » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 03:51:10 GMT

It's hard to diagnose what an inanimate object "wants".
A specific example might be helpful.

Taking a shot in the dark...
I've been experimenting with DVD and CD writers.
Every device I've tested has a HIGH soft error rate near the
outside edge of the disk if you force it to read at the speed
the marketing people said it'd do.
The soft error rate goes way down and the drive has fewer
fits and starts if you read at a lower speed.

Re: Toshiba 4600 DVD issue

Postby Steve Mackie » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 05:19:13 GMT

>> I'm having a problem with the DVD-ROM in my Toshiba 4600. It doesn't seem 

Okay, it will not read the outer edge. ;)

So you are telling me to try and read the disk at a slower speed? How would 
I accomplish this experiment?


Re: Toshiba 4600 DVD issue

Postby mike » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 12:46:53 GMT

I use the disk quality check function of cdspeed that comes with nero.
It will show you the error rates across the disk.
Will allow you to set a lower top speed and run it again.

If it won't read at all not any at the end of the disk, it's broke.
Cdspeed should tell you exactly where that is and you can compare it
with different disks.  You need, of course, a FULL disk.

Depending on  how old it is, the optical carriage sometimes needs to be 
greased.  I've seen 'em where pushing on the spindle too hard bends
the bracket causing the disk to tilt.  At the end, it's out of the focus
compliance range of the laser.  It don't take much bending.

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