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  • 1. ECS A900 RAM upgrade problem
    I was a happy camper owning and operating iBuddie or A900b (A900 with 256MB RAM) until I have decided in my wisdom to upgrade to 512MB. I have Win2000 pro which NEVER let me down. That is until the upgrade. Ever since machine shuts itself down (dumping memory blue screen with variable errror messages, most often memory address/share related). It happens randomly: it may bo OK for a week and then comes a day that it shuts down immediately after login three times in a row. Sometimes only IE (5.5 I think) shuts itself down. Unfortunately I've sold the 256MB chip so I have no easy way to put it back and see if this is OS or hardware related problem. The new 512MB chip tests OK. Anybody having similar experience? Any suggestions? Thanks XXXX@XXXXX.COM pls remove NOOSPAM from the address before responding
  • 2. Toshiba Satellite (very weird keyboard problem)
    Hi all... I have a Toshiba satellite 1900-102 and I am facing a really weird problem... When the notebook starts the left side of the keyboard (that is keys: 1,Q, A, Z, tab, left ctrl, left shift, CAPS) does not respond. I log in to WinXP, still no response. I wait for 1-2 minutes and everything comes to normal! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Nikos
  • 3. Processor recommendations
    For desktop replacement and long battery life?? Bob

Web Hosting from USD 1/month

Postby karen.systems@gmail.com » Mon, 05 Nov 2007 04:59:29 GMT

Web Hosting from USD 1/month
- Unix and Wndows Server 2003
- 500 MB to 200 GB Web Space
- POP3 and Webmail
- Multi Recepient Addresses
- Catch All Email Account
- SPAM Protected Mail Boxes
- ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Perl, CGI
- mySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server Databases
- WAP Enabled
- Zend Module & IonCube Module
- Built in CGI Scripts
- FREE Setup

Strating from USD 1/month

No Setup Fee - No Hidden Charges - No Other Charges



Other Services
- Domain Name Registration
- Managed Dedicated Servers
- Web Design and Development
- Search Engine Optimization Services
- PREMIUM Domain Names For Sale


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