toshiba satalite 405cs need to boot of a PCMCIA cd-rom



  • 1. Help needed: how/where do I insert the password in the Lenovo for the WLAN?
    On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 08:43:54 -0800 (PST), XXXX@XXXXX.COM wrote: > >Go on start > control panel > network connections > right click your >wireless connection and click properties > click the wireless networks >tab find your wireless network in there and remove it. then browse >wireless networks again with the wireless browser, double click your >one (or your flatmates or whatever) and it should automitically prompt >you to put the key in. thanks but when i enter the tab you mention i CANT select any of the PREFERRED networks to remove. Isn't there any procedure without removing anything?
  • 2. Help needed: how/where do I insert the password in the Lenovo for the WLAN?
    Hi. I just changed apartment, and my new flatmates gave me the password to connect the Wireless Internet. I have a Lenovo X60 and do not know HOW and WHERE I should Insert the password. I select the Wlan of the house, I open the COnfiguration with the 3 tabs (General Settings, Wireless Settings, Additional Settings) and have no clue what to do. I imagine has to do with WIRELESS SECURITY TYPE, but it's just my guess. Every tip/help/suggestion is highly appreciated thanks in advance

toshiba satalite 405cs need to boot of a PCMCIA cd-rom

Postby Andy Chao » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 12:27:08 GMT


My laptop bios only let me boot off a Floppy.  Is that something I can do to
have it read from the PCMCIA card in linux?
Or is my only option is to find red hat linux 7.3 in a floppy disks?


Re: toshiba satalite 405cs need to boot of a PCMCIA cd-rom

Postby Quaoar » Mon, 25 Oct 2004 00:47:39 GMT

Consult the RH installation guide:



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Toshiba satalite pro 405cs : I need to boot off a PCMCIA CD-rom but the bios
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DVD/CD/floppy drive.  When both systems were new, you could boot from
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About 1 year ago laptop A was still bootable from the CD.  However,
something happened to the CD drive on laptop B so that the only disks
it could read were either audio CDs or movie DVDs.
If I put in the XP CD and tried to boot, it sat stalled and never put
up the message on the screen "To boot from the CD, press any key ...".
If I booted from XP on the hard drive and then tried to look at a
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Drive A - Can play audio CDs, video DVDs, software
Can't be booted from

Drive B - Can play audio CDs and video DVDs
Doesn't recognize software and can't be booted from

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Wondered if someone could help me?
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boot from a Bootable Windows CD as it doesnt find the CD...... if I
boot from a floppy it stops when it cant find the CD.
I guess I boot from the floppy from boot disc with "CD not supported
but what do I do next? I have the driver from Toshiba for the cd
called TOSCDROM but after install I still cant find the CD rom. Any
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