Laptop No Power.... DEAD????


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Laptop No Power.... DEAD????

Postby no » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 10:31:23 GMT

Hi I have a friends Toshiba Sattelite (celeron) laptop that just die
on me. It was running perfectly.... and now nothing!! I gave it t
someone who's an electronics engineer (tv repairs etc) but couldn'
find the problem!! Someone has suggested it could be th
motherboard?? Any help will be gratefully received

Many thank

Re: Laptop No Power.... DEAD????

Postby Barry Watzman » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 14:42:26 GMT

First, of course, check the battery and/or external AC power supply 
(charger / adapter).

Otherwise, it probably is the motherboard, since everything is normally 
on the motherboard.  The problem could be very simple (a fuse) or very 
complex, but either way the motherboard is not normally considered to be 
a serviceable part, and it is unlikely that even an experienceed 
engineer / technican working on his own could repair it.

Re: Laptop No Power.... DEAD????

Postby no » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 19:31:04 GMT

Thanks for your reply Barry, do you think it would be an expensiv
prospect to have this replaced?? Would i have to buy a NE
motherboard or would a used or refurbished one suffice?????

Also if I can get a used motherboard is it a straight forward proces
to replace it??

Many thank

Re: Laptop No Power.... DEAD????

Postby jimbo » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 23:14:19 GMT

My Sony laptop has a ribbon cable that connects the switch panel to 
the mother board. There are two small connectors, one on the switch 
panel and one on the mother board. If either is loose, no power, dead 

Just a thought.

Good luck, jimbo

Re: Laptop No Power.... DEAD????

Postby no » Sun, 19 Feb 2006 02:31:21 GMT

Thanks Jimbo, but all fuses, connections were checked over by my T
repair man... and nothing was found but he did me the favour o
checking it out, although he's no laptop specialist!!

But thanks for the suggestion mate, appreciated nevertheless! :

Re: Laptop No Power.... DEAD????

Postby compubyte » Mon, 20 Feb 2006 01:10:14 GMT

Hi Jake.

Okay.. let's start from the beginning.. (Makes it easier for me this way) .

1. Is the AC Adapter working okay? you said you had a guy checking 
everything. If he works on TV's. he can check the Voltage on the AC ADAPTER. 
and tell you if it's working okay.. IF the AC isn't working and it died, 
then you would have used up all the battery power . thus the entire thing 
would appear DOA..

2. IF AC is good..Plug it into the Laptop, and REMOVE THE BATTERY from the 
Bottom / Side of your laptop .. then see if it powers ON ?

3. If this doesn't work . REMOVE the Hard Drive , Floppy/CD Rom drive. and 
battery and see if it will power up.

4. It may be the Power Button on the Laptop is not seating correctly , and 
if you can get the cover off , you can get to the little button under it, 
and press it to see if the Laptop Will Power up. ( this can USUALLY be 
accomplished By removing two or 3 screws from the bottom of the Laptop near 
the top where the power button is. horizontally and that piece VERY 
CAREFULLY can be removed.. Or the entire top will have to come off )  Don't 
mess with it if your not comfortable with it.

5 . Again make sure the LAPTOP LIGHTS are not coming on thru all this.. IF 
they are,  it may just be the LCD that is DOA and not lighting up for you.

6. At this point. Replacing the MotherBoard seems to be your only Viable 
option. Unless I've missed something someone else can think of?

Replacement of a MB is NOT something you would want to do yourself, 
especially if it's your first time, and the laptop belongs to someone else. 
Not something I suggest doing if you are not familiar with them, or have a 
knac for working on electronic devices taking them apart. etc ..

You did NOT say specifically which Toshiba it was. at this point you need to 
weight your options on EBAY for a used Laptop like his.. and swap his hard 
drive with it. ( letting him know of course) . or if it's cheaper to have 
the MB replaced by a qualified Technican ..

Good Luck .

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