Toshiba 4600 Wifi


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    It is unfortunate that Toshiba could not settle their class action suit. They have told me that because of the suit that cannot fully address my problems. The bottom line is I have a laptop that does not preform even close to what it should and their service sucks in regard to this notebook. Others may claim that Toshiba is great. I used to think so but if you get a defective product forget it. They refuse to respond. I spent alot of money on a product that they cannot fix. They have tried many times and I have spent extra money for a warrenty I did not want to keep them trying. If they cant settle a suit than at least fix the problems. Offer us a new laptop that performs as it should and we will go away. They know these laptops are bad and refuse to satisfy thier customers. I will never buy another Toshiba product again untill they settle this dispute. In my opinion they owe me 149.00 for the extra money I spent on the extended warrenty just to get it fixed. They also owe me a laptop that has the media perfomance they advertised. That seems fair but they dont have the honor to protect their reputation..Shame on Toshiba.
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    thanks dg and mhard, finally video is working a sit should. however touchpad still does not work, even with the driver installed. I am satrting to think that the tpad may be inop from a physical standpoint. any way to check this via software? Not to doublepost, but I am posting the latter problem separately, so I can get as many hints and this as I can. thanks, al
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    Hello- My Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 Laptop seems to be stuck in Standby mode. When I turn it on, it powers up and all the lights on the front are green. You can hear the HDD power up but that's it. The screen stays blank and nothing else happens. I tried removing the battery and AC power overnight but this did not work. Resetting the laptop doesn't do anything either. Does anyone know how I can get the laptop out of standby mode?

Toshiba 4600 Wifi

Postby Steve Mackie » Thu, 16 Mar 2006 01:15:03 GMT

I purchased an Intel 2915ABG mini PCI wifi adapter off eBay for my Toshiba 
Satellite Pro 4600 running Windows XP SP2. Downloaded the latest drivers 
from the Intel website (v10.x) and everything is working well. The antenna 
cables built into the laptop are long enough to reach the card connectors no 
matter where they are on the card.

The range is much better than my Symbol LA-4121 802.11b PC Card and my 
Netgear MA111 802.11b USB adapter.

The connection seems slow when using the WPA-PSK option between this card 
and my D-Link DI-524 router. Haven't looked into this any further, I just 
switched to WEP until I can figure out the speed issue.

As stated by another poster, the wifi switch on the side of the laptop 
appears to be useless with anything other than the OEM card and drivers.

Just though I'd post this "for the record." ;)


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Having a bit of an issue with my new Intel 2915ABG wifi card in my Sat. Pro 
4600. Every now and then the wifi connection drops and won't reconnect for 
about 4 or 5 minutes. During this time, the AP is visible, then disappears 
then visible again. This only happens once, sometimes twice a day. The 
connection is up all day long.

Not sure what's going on or where the problem lies. I didn't have this 
problem when I was using my Symbol Spectrum24 802.11b PC Card, but I wasn't 
using it as my main network connection either.

Tosh Sat Pro 4600 (latest BIOS from Toshiba)
Intel 2915ABG Mini-PCI (latest drivers from Intel)
D-Link DI-524......................

..................ya, not the latest firmware. Damn it. I'll see if I still 
have the problem after I update the firmware in the router. Sometimes it 
helps to just talk it through. ;)


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The Satellite 4600 has a mini-PCI slot for a WLAN card, internal intenna,
and pre-installed drivers and client manager. My variety of the 4600 does
not come with the card itself; it is "ready".

Having just set up a home network I am looking at various ways of adding
WLAN to the 4600. The mini-PCI card for that model (and the Tecra 8200),
PA3070U-5MPC, seems to be long out of production.

Looking on eBay, I see another Toshiba card, PA3171U-1MPC, but know
nothing about its compatibility. Also, not knowing what Toshiba model it
is meant for, makes it impossible to find drivers on the TAIS web site.
(Perhaps it uses the same drivers as the older card for my 4600?).

I also see a lot of Orinoco MPC 13A-20 cards for sale on eBay, for $35 -
$40. It is possible to download drivers and client managers for these
cards for many OS'es. I wonder if that might be the way to go ... anyone
know about these? They all seem to use the Lucent chipset.

The other choice, of course, is to use up a PC Card slot and just get a
WLAN card to install there.

Any suggestions?

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I added a second 128MB SODIMM to the empty slot in a friend's 4600 and the 
system did not see it.    I switched the modules over and still only got 
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have I missed something?    I will be taking a look at the machine tomorrow 
and I have discovered that on another (earlier) Toshiba model, you have to 
use Fn + F3 repeatedly to enter Boot mode before powering down and 
installing extra memory - does anybody know if that procedure should be 
applied on the 4600?    The documentation that came with the machine did not 
mention it.

As a possible alternative I can buy a PC133 version of the 256 MB SODIMM for 
a reasonable price on Ebay but the PC is a PC100 machine - would the faster 
SODIMM actually work at the slower speed?


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I need to get at the stereo line in on the Toshiba 4600.

Although the machine only has a mono mic input, the docking station
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expansion connector.

Does anyone know where it can be picked up internally, or has anyone
got the pin-out for the expansion connector that would give me the


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