touchpad still not working



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touchpad still not working

Postby alfomail » Wed, 24 Dec 2003 02:54:48 GMT

thanks dg and mhard,

finally video is working a sit should. however touchpad still does not
work, even with the driver installed. I am satrting to think that the
tpad may be inop from a physical standpoint. any way to check this via

Not to doublepost, but I am posting the latter problem separately, so
I can get as many hints and this as I can.


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I can't make the touchpad work, even when it's selected in the setup
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The 'tapping' option also stopped working.

I have updated the driver, bios, done a power drain, system restore,
talked to someone at hp who told me to do a complete system
recovery...I would really like to avoid this.

The strange thing is, when I change to a left handed configuration, the
'tapping' feature works and the physical right button works, but the
physical left button still doesn't work.

I cannot get virtual scrolling to work at all, though I wasn't using
that before anyways.

Between the time the button was last working, and when it stopped
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its all I can think of.

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The touchpad pointer works, scroll up/down works, and even the "tap"
select/open functionality works.

I have checked settings and the buttons are not disabled.
I have downloaded and installed the latest driver from synaptics.
I have reset BIOS
I have reset touchpad settings.

How can I tell if this is a hardware problem, or just a setting
somewhere I haven't been able to find yet?

gone crazy,

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