problems with my E1505 lcd


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    Hi: Is there an adapter that will let me do one of the following? 1) Use a PCMCIA card in an ExpressCard slot? 2) Use a PCMCIA card with a laptop connecting it to USB or Firewire ports? thanks, russ p.s. I have a $200 PCMCIA Type II card I want to keep using with my Inspiron 6400 (E1505) but the laptop only has the newer ExpressCard slot.

problems with my E1505 lcd

Postby mayoguns » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 18:04:37 GMT

i was using my laptop like nnormal then i shut it to go to the
library. when i get there all i see is an illuminate black screen if i
plug it to an external monitor, it works any ideas on what can be the

Re: problems with my E1505 lcd

Postby BigJim » Sat, 10 Mar 2007 03:14:03 GMT

could be a loose connection, or the back light on the panel went bad just a 
couple of guesses.

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