Toshiba Satellite: How to play cd/dvd without booting OS


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Toshiba Satellite: How to play cd/dvd without booting OS

Postby Vin Miller » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 03:42:15 GMT

So this is clearly one of those "I am missing something obvious"
questions... but here's the deal. Toshiba says that on its newer laptop
models one can play a cd or dvd without booting up the OS.


What am I missing? I can't find anything in the manual. Can't find
anything on the website besides claims that it's possible. But I open
the laptop, the screen comes on, I insert a DVD, it churns along... and
then sits there. I don't see any external controls besides the volume

Same deal with a music CD.

This isn't a crucial issue, of course, although it would be nice. I
have a Toshiba Satellite M55-S135.  Thanks!

Re: Toshiba Satellite: How to play cd/dvd without booting OS

Postby Jonah » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 04:48:14 GMT

You could try setting the BIOS to boot from the CD /DVD drive.  I have
never tried it but it could be worth a try.


Re: Toshiba Satellite: How to play cd/dvd without booting OS

Postby BEK » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 06:50:43 GMT

I have an M55-S3293 Toshiba and here's what I do.

Open the lid.  The computer will still be turned off.  On the right side of 
the keyboard is a row of buttons with the Power button on top. The next 
button is the Internet Explorer button and below that is the CD/DVD button. 
Push the CD/DVD button and that will start the player and your display. 
When the display is lit, the software will ask you to place a cd or dvd in 
the drive.

This all happens without booting the computer up and running Windows XP. 
Essentially the system is functioning as a player only.  This is supposed to 
save power but I haven't really tested it to see.

There is a diagram of all the buttons on the Quick Start sheet that you 
should have gotten with your computer when new.


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